Tides of Pristine Flavour

Tides of Pristine Flavour

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The Ocean celebrates the natural wonders of the sea, displaying a unique depth of culinary ingenuity in each dish.

By Jake Fredericks

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With floor-to-ceiling windows, the view from The Ocean is a sight to behold. Equally beautiful is the space within, where every element reflects the harmony and balance of the sea. In the dining area, coral-inspired banquettes match the sea-wave designs on the wall and hundreds of tranquil jellyfish float in the soothing aquariums built into the walls.

Capturing the ever-changing symbiosis of its namesake, The Ocean’s cuisine is ever-changing with the kitchen’s extensive use of seasonal ingredients and special daily catches. The menu is entirely comprised of seafood and out of respect for the world’s precariously balanced ocean ecosystems; this restaurant ensures that all seafood is caught in a responsible and sustainable manner, so as not to harm the future of our waters and their dwindling supply of life.

Executive Chef Agustin Balbi is at the helm of The Ocean’s kitchen. Hailing from Buenos Aires, His depth of experience, respect for ingredients, talent for the amplification of natural flavours and passion for cuisine has earned him the title Best New Chef of 2016 by Hong Kong Tatler. The influence of his brilliance can be seen in each course of the restaurant’s wonderful set menu.

The immaculately presented, light and balanced appetisers are a fantastic beginning to an unforgettable culinary voyage across the sea. The visually stunning house smoked red snapper is garnished with radish and embellished with chanterelle and pickled apple – in this dish, thin ribbons of red snapper meet the accompaniments of crisp radish and tart pickled apple slices for a divine combination.

The adventurous mains at The Ocean will surprise you with their finesse and freshness. A particular favourite is the wild caught turbot, served on a transfixing blue custom dinner plate. Turbot, cauliflower textures and nori butter sauce form a flawless partnership and a visually beautiful combination for this unforgettable offering. This dish captures the dynamic essence of the sea with its artistic presentation and flavour combination.

The overall concept of The Ocean – from its design, ambiance, menu, flavours and view – lulls diners into a state of bliss leaving one to wonder how it is possible that that the next dish could surpass the last. Although it is newly opened as of this year, this must-visit restaurant’s superb cuisine is sure to earn more acclaim and attention as time goes on.


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