The Best Or Nothing

The Best Or Nothing

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Passion for the automobile and the fast-paced culinary world of Hong Kong cross paths in this new and exciting venture.

By Jake Fredericks

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Mercedes-Benz, with the knowledge and experience of famous restaurateur brand Maximal Concepts, has unveiled its newest concept, Mercedes me – a lifestyle extension from the world’s automotive leader that is already changing the way people interact with the renowned car giant. A retail store, lounge and restaurant all under one roof, the world’s first Mercedes me in Hong Kong presents an all-new concept that presents the latest in automotive design, racing, art and fashion in a more personal and comfortable environment.

This new and unique venue showcases automotive design, news and technologies, while at the same time, offering an unbelievable culinary experience, all driven by the automaker’s famous “The Best or Nothing” motto and philosophy.

Despite its many inspiring and exciting dimensions, by far the most impressive is Mercedes me’s many-faceted culinary offerings. Inspired by how Mercedes-Benz uses only the highest quality materials to make its cars, Maximal Concepts’ culinary and mixology team decided to apply the same philosophy to create a dining experience that is second to none.

Using only the finest, hand-selected, locally sourced materials, the restaurant delivers powerful flavours driven by a passion for excellence and the expertise of its skilled culinary team. Instead of focusing on one particular cuisine, Executive Chef Edgar Sanuy has drawn from his vast experience to create spectacular dishes inspired by the cuisines of Spain, Latin America, Peru and Japan.

The carefully designed menu includes many elegant highlights, including a tantalising sea urchin served with fig, nori cracker and ponzu all balanced upon an oyster leaf – an absolute delicacy. These beautifully plated dishes are as colourful and gorgeous as they are deeply delicious and balanced. For a fresh taste, try the fresh burrata, speckled with tomato, cherry, black sesame and lavender that is a testament to the devotion of Mercedes me’s talented culinary staff.

Meanwhile, the Australian aged Wagyu is beautifully seasoned for a well composed, yet hearty indulgence.