Tissa Biani

Tissa Biani

Tissa Biani

Meet Tissa Biani: the Indonesian actress extraordinaire whose multifaceted talents shine in blockbusters like Agak Laen and Netflix hit series Gadis Kretek, captivating audiences worldwide with her unforgettable performances.

– by Runi Indrani – 

E: How did you first get into the film industry?

A: Initially, I started my career by attending casting calls for advertisements, waiting in line, and so on. At one of these casting calls, I stumbled upon an agency that helped me channel my talent into specifically the film industry in 2007. From there, I started going to casting calls for films and TV series, sometimes right after school. Eventually, I landed a role in a 15-episode series produced by Citra Sinema, led by Dedy Mizwar. I got the part and we shot it in Padang for about three months, which led me to opportunities in other films.

E: What is your favourite role to date? 

A: My favourite role was when I played Tiur in the film Laundry Show, which was my first comedy film. The challenge there was acting alongside stand-up comedians who had already established themselves in the industry. Usually, I lean towards drama films, but this time I took on comedy as one of my challenges. There were many scenes that required me to act but also made people laugh.

E: What is the most memorable moment throughout your career?

A: The film premieres. My favourite part comes after the shooting process is over, and just waiting for the premiere. It’s the moment when the film I’m in is celebrated by many people in the industry; and when I am able to see the result of my work.

E: As a public figure, how do you use your influence to bring a positive impact to your followers or fans?

A: I feel it’s my responsibility as a public figure to share positive things on my social platforms for my followers. Especially since most of my Instagram followers are teenagers, as well as parents who use social media, there’s a wide age range. My task is to create posts that will be beneficial and not harmful to others. 

Wardrobe: tinara (@tinarabrides) x gb (@_bygb)

E: What is the biggest challenge you’ve come across in your career?

A: The biggest challenge is dealing with the netizens. Sometimes, when we’re not feeling our best, and we receive negative comments from netizens, it can really dampen our spirits and lead to a lot of stress. That’s when we need to strengthen our hearts so that we can handle the challenges better.

E: How do you define success?

A: Success is when we are comfortable with what we do, without coercion or being told what to do. When we can find comfort in what we do, whether it’s acting, singing, or something that comes from the deepest part of our hearts, I believe that’s success in its own way.

Wardrobe: SUEDESON BY KIMBERLY TANDRA (@swedesonofficial)

E: What is the key to success?

A: The key to success is being yourself, doing what you want as long as it’s positive, striving for good things so that you’re motivated to do something good.

E: Any advice for those who want to get into the film industry?

A: Mental strength is crucial because this industry isn’t always filled with good people. There’s a downside that we have to accept, so we must remain spirited and respond to these things wisely. Also, we need to stay humble and keep practicing, because in the film industry, there are many people who want to become actors. So, when you’re in that position, it’s better to stay consistent and never underestimate others within it. 

Redefining Style

Explore the versatile looks of the captivating Tissa Biani through a mesmerising fashion spread, showcasing timeless elegance.

Photographer: dicky agung saputra (@dickyphotographie)

stylist: fandi nasution (@fandinasutionn) 

Wardrobe: jacob william (@jacob_wil) 

make-up: ryan ogilvy (@ryanogilvy)

Hair: puja (@pujahairdo)

studio: white luxe studio (@whiteluxestudiojakarta) 

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Tissa Biani

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