Tredici Ristorante

Tredici Ristorante

With neat vintage decorations, homey interiors and an inviting second floor bar, there is a lot more to Tredici than just fine Italian food.


Located in the vibrant Senopati area, Tredici offers a very refreshing Italian dining experience in an authentically inviting atmosphere. At the main entrance you will see many unique decorations neatly set out to resemble a laidback home somewhere in the Mediterranean. Through meticulous attention to detail, the interiors of the restaurant are masterfully decorated with neat items such as delicious pictures of food products, sealed olive oil bottles, dried plants, stacks of old books that give out that almost intoxicating, musty, old book smell and raw pasta on old cabinets.

Past the neat, semi-open kitchen and a traditional brick oven, the interior reveals a semi-private dining room adjacent to an arresting “outdoor garden” dining area. With a backdrop of a neatly arranged overgrowth of greenery on the far wall, the centrepieces of the area were an 18th century lamppost sitting in the centre of the room and an artistic water fountain in the far corner. Like the famous Trevi fountain, this radiating blue fountain was also filled with coins from well-wishers. Remember, right hand over the left shoulder!


Some of the most popular main dishes are the Linguine Alla Ligure—linguine pasta served with tuna, baby squid, garlic and chilli topped with crunchy bread crumbs; Risotto Con Pollo E Zucchine—rich and creamy classic risotto cooked al dente with zucchini, truffle oil, shaved parmesan cheese and chicken instead of pork to avoid overpowering richness; and the glorious Costole Di Maiale Alla Trentina: grilled pork chops with apple mustard sauce, potato gratin and assorted vegetables.

In a nutshell, with a homey ambience, delicious Italian food and original, enjoyable drinks, Tredici offers an all-Italian social and dining experience that is both inviting and unlike any other.

One of the favourite pizzas is the Mantova, which has a unique mix of Italian pork sausage, rucola leaves and gorgonzola cheese on thin, crisp dough. The rucola leaves lend each slice a nice leafy aftertaste. Fondly known as rocket leaves, these leaves have a unique, peppery flavour that is exceptionally strong and adds a kick to spice up a meaty pizza or fresh salad.



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