Venture Beyond The Flavours

Venture Beyond The Flavours

Mauro Colagreco

The world-renowned and innovative wine producer Penfolds has launched a new campaign in collaboration with globally respected Chef Mauro Colagreco. By Runi Indrani

In the world of fine wine, Penfolds arguably does not need any introduction. Any wine connoisseur would recognise the name that is synonymous with historical heritage and quality. Since its establishment in 1844 in Adelaide, Penfolds has been moving forward through time, reflecting on Australia’s journey from the colonial settlement to the modern era. In between, the wine producer has created many innovative blends and inspiring initiatives.

Inspired by Penfolds’ DNA, the brand unveiled its captivating campaign titled Beyond the Flavours in May this year. The campaign commemorates personalities who dare to innovate and push boundaries. For the launch, Penfolds collaborates with Chef Mauro Colagreco from the Michelin-starred Mirazur restaurant.

In 1998, Colagreco made the major decision to leave his hometown of Argentina and his university education to pursue his passion. He enrolled in a culinary college, where he nurtured his love and passion for the gastronomic world, inspired by his grandmother. Colagreco kept on moving forward and never let anything stop him from his dream. His illustrious journey took him to where he is now, a respected restaurateur known around the globe.

On the other side of the world was Penfolds, which made a bold move to plant a selection of Australian vines in Californian soil, also in 1998. The move led to the highly praised inaugural Californian Collection in 2020. Both Colagreco and Penfolds pulled through against the odds and pushed the boundaries to reach success. Fans and followers of Penfolds and Colagreco can watch the journeys and the collaboration through a docu-film, available on Penfolds’ website, first screened on 12 May 2022.

Penfolds’ Chief Winemaker Peter Gago explained how the collaboration came about, “Mauro Colagreco has a long list of accolades and truly embodies the Penfolds DNA. I am proud to have him launch Beyond the Flavours. He set his heart on becoming a chef at a young age and extends his ambition beyond the kitchen, very similar to how Penfold’s gaze was firmly fixed on the future since its establishment to create wines unrestricted by vine, border or continent.”

Furthermore, the campaign also includes Penfolds providing an opportunity to chefs internationally for a culinary exchange with Colagreco. The spirited chef mused, “I love discovering new products, new flavours and new techniques. These are the things that have most inspired me throughout my career and still inspire me today. Any boundary can be overcome by a strong drive, by having an open mind. In my profession as a chef, I can exceed all kinds of limits. I think this knowledge, these values that we acquire in life are the heritage we leave to others. They are the riches that we leave to future generations.”

Following up Beyond the Flavours campaign, Penfolds is launching its first global thematic called Venture Beyond this June. The name and the space travel-themed presentations show the brand’s ambition to break the boundaries in order to achieve excellence, as well as the brand’s refusal to be tied down by time, space, or varietal. The launch of Venture Beyond also marked Penfold’s metamorphosis from a fine wine brand to an international luxury icon.