The Underground Libations

The Underground Libations

The Shady Family, and its portfolio of cocktail bars, invites you to sip on world-class experimental cocktails, whilst immersing yourself in the untold stories of a mobster syndicate. Each with their own unique story, the Shady Bars will transport you back in time, to the roughness, the glamour and the decadence of the underworld. By Rizky Adityo

For a while now, the little island of Bali has been on the radar for creating something new and fun for everyone. Once known as a great surfing destination, this island has evolved into a world-class culinary destination, with offerings going from small simple warungs where you can get a basic meal to fine-dining restaurants helmed by award-winning chefs. As time has moved on, Bali is now filled with outstanding bars offering a simple solution for a great night out, including The Shady Fox and The Shady Pig.

Created by up-and-coming hospitality team, Tavolo Group, both The Shady Fox and The Shady Pig offer more than you would expect. The concept was built by two brothers, Edo and Ado Đozović, who use their passion for the hospitality industry to create a unique way for people to enjoy their favourite drinks.

Located in the buzzing neighbourhood of Pererenan, The Shady Fox will take you to the 1930s of London. Sultry red velvets and leather chairs adorning the space are a reflection of when the booming economy and gambling were the talk of the town. Making sure the main star is not one to miss, the bar takes centre stage as you walk into the room. Neatly lined premium bottles and a laboratory evaporator will give you hints that you are on the right spot to enjoy creatively made cocktails.

Acting as Head Mixologist is Ado Đozović who is responsible for creating the perfect drinks menu for both The Shady Fox and The Shady Pig. At The Shady Fox, the drinks get playful with an array of its signature cocktails, such as Queen of Heart where distilled gin is mixed with red wine to give the illusion of a cloud inside the glass. Another favourite is the Shogi Ice Tea, a gin-based drink with distilled matcha and matcha foam. As an inventor, Ado uses the laboratory evaporator to create flavours that are fresh and experimental.

Making sure your night out is not going to waste, The Shady Fox also offers live music every night showcasing the real talent of the island’s best musicians. With different genres playing nightly, The Shady Fox promises a lot of fun for the island’s nightcrawlers.

Meanwhile, over in Berawa, Canggu, The Shady Pig is another must-visit destination where classic cocktails play a big part. Located on the second floor, the secretive bar can only be accessed by using a password that can be gained via WhatsApp or social media. Inside the quaint space, cocktail barrels and premium bottles are sitting next to each other at the bar, along with a laboratory evaporator.

Inspired by the roughness of Birmingham in the 1920s, The Shady Pig tantalises your appetites with familiar flavours. The menu is filled with classic cocktails that are made using experimental techniques, such as distillation, infusion, barrel-ageing, fat-washing, fermentation and more. For example, Sexy Colada is a play on tropical-favourite Pina Colada. Using the milk washing process, the protein in the whey-spirit blend will activate when shaken, resulting in a fluffy, richly textured cocktail. For a flavour-laden mixture, a distillation process will separate different aromas to create potent drinks, such as the Banana Old-Fashioned, a drink made with a fermented banana skin and distilled banana.

As a one-stop destination, The Shady Pig also carries a fascinating food menu that goes well with the drinks. Created by the culinary team, the menu comprises nibbles ranging from wagyu sando, black & gold burger, the sharing platter and more. Another must-visit is The Shady Flamingo, an intimate cocktail den where Hollywood glamour and shady gangster vibes blend together and make for playful nights of lavish decadence. 

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