Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Whisky Bar: Highlander Inn Jakarta

Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Whisky Bar: Highlander Inn Jakarta

Winner of Exquisite Awards 2023 – Best Whisky Bar:
Highlander Inn Jakarta

In the bustling heart of Senopati in Jakarta, there lies a serene and intimate retreat for urban souls in search of the finest whisky experience. Highlander Inn Jakarta, with its modern Scottish pub ambience and a curated selection of over 300 single malts, beckons whisky enthusiasts and novices alike to embark on a journey that transports them to the very heart of rural Scotland, all while staying in the heart of Jakarta.

Originally a world-renowned whisky bar and inn nestled in the picturesque Craigellachie, Scotland, Highlander Inn has garnered global acclaim as a pilgrimage site for whisky connoisseurs from every corner of the world. Its tradition of warm and friendly atmospheres, boundless passion and encyclopaedic knowledge about whisky has been extended to multiple whisky capitals across the globe, from Tokyo to Taipei, and now Jakarta.

Highlander Inn Jakarta proudly hosts a treasure trove of more than 300 single malts. For those new to the world of whisky, this extensive selection may seem a bit overwhelming. But fear not, for the experienced in-house whisky expert is on hand to guide you omakase-style, ensuring that you select the perfect whisky to match your unique palate and preferences. It’s a personalised whisky journey where every glass is a revelation.

One unique aspect of Highlander Inn Jakarta is its food policy. Unlike most bars, they don’t serve meals. Instead, patrons are encouraged to bring their own food or order from nearby restaurants at no extra charge. This unconventional approach fosters a relaxed and communal atmosphere, where the focus remains firmly on the whisky. Whether you’re indulging in a casual chat with friends or enjoying a solitary dram, the atmosphere is unpretentious and convivial.

Highlander Inn Jakarta isn’t just a place to enjoy whisky; it’s a place to savour it. Tucked away in a hidden location, the bar offers a quiet and intimate setting, perfect for deep conversations or reflective solitude. The unassuming façade belies the treasure trove within, making it an ideal haven for those who seek privacy and respite from the city’s hustle and bustle.  

Exquisite Taste Volume 41

Highlander Inn Jakarta

Jalan Senopati

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 85817171766

IG: @highlanderinnjakarta