World Class Winner : Eko Prabowo & Michito Kaneko

World Class Winner : Eko Prabowo & Michito Kaneko

Eko Prabowo will represent Indonesia in the Global Final in September 2016

Eko Prabowo

Eko Prabowo from The Tavern in Semarang was recently crowned as this year’s World Class Indonesia Country Winner. As the only bartender who made it to the Top 10 list outside of Jakarta and Bali, Eko honed his passion and skills throughout the years that he took part in the World Class competition, until he finally made it to be number one bartender in the country. His signature cocktail, the Marmalade Mule, is a slightly sweet, slightly sour creation that takes contrasting flavours and harmonises them impeccably.

Marmalade Mule - Eko Prabowo

Marmalade Mule by Eko Prabowo


50ml Ketel One vodka, 15ml lime juice, 2tsp marmalade  orange, 100ml ginger beer, 5ml simple syrup.


Mix together all ingredients using a swizzle stick.

Pour into a copper mule mug.

Garnish with a mint leaf and orchid flower before serving.

Michito Kaneko, 2015 Global World Class Bartenders of the Year

Michito Kaneko

Japanese bartender Michito Kaneko has, on multiple occasions, proved to be one of the world’s best bartenders. He had his big break in 2015 when he was crowned the World Class Bartender of the Year when, during the four-day finals in Cape Town, South Africa, Michito was singled out for the award from an original complement of 54 contenders. He is the owner of The Lamp Bar in Nara, Machito, and his signature libation is an inventive twist on an old classic.


Honey Old Fashioned by Michito Kaneko


45ml Bulleit Rye, 1tsp honey, 5ml soda, 2 dashes vanilla bitters, 2 dashes angostura bitters.


First add the honey, soda water, bitters and 10ml of the Bullet Rye  in a classic old

fashioned glass. Stir.

• Add ice, the remainder of the Bulleit Rye and stir well.

Garnish with an orange peel and a toasted cinnamon stick.