A Night at the Operetta Hong Kong

A Night at the Operetta Hong Kong


Where fresh ingredients from around the world come in unforgettable compositions of true imagination and style

This new Hong Kong eatery takes the concept of contemporary Italian cuisine to the next level by putting a Japanese chef at the helm of the kitchen. The philosophy behind Operetta is to not only surprise and amaze with unlikely pairings, but to provide refined food in an accessible fashion with these outstanding fusions.

The curry storm is a prime example, where Indian spices are infused into a classic Italian recipe. Sourcing the freshest ingredients from all over the world on a daily basis, the food at Operetta is based on prime quality components and authentic flavours, further seen in the roast octopus and artisanal linguine.


Combined with bright textiles and delicate Art Deco details, the overall impression of Operetta creates an uplifting atmosphere in which you want to stay for hours on end. This notion is reinforced by the performance of skilled mixologists who fix delicious craft cocktails on the spot with trained moves and wonderful creations.