Janice Wong Restaurant, Singapore

Janice Wong Restaurant, Singapore


Singapore’s epicentre of desserts has broadened its menu to spoil connoisseurs of savoury tastes

Janice Wong is spoiling us yet again. In a balanced marriage of food and art, Chef Janice Wong explores the sweet and savoury tastes of delicious treats. The 1,500 sq.ft. 40-seat progressive dessert bar-cum-restaurant, delivers a unique experience in which modern Chinese flour-based dishes are completed with 10 signature desserts from 2am:dessertbar.

Chef Janice Wong has been voted Asia’s Best Pastry Chef in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants for two consecutive years and, with this new flagship restaurant, she proves that the inspiration for her food creations is endless. While the menu features some of her signature sweet delicacies, the restaurant is bent on pushing the boundaries with progressive, show-stealing savoury dishes too.


Chef Janice is serious about the philosophy of creating edible art and she created the art installation inside the retail section of the restaurant where, amongst other delicacies, you will find long cylinders of chocolate surprise balls set in resin. The restaurant’s designers chose to place all of the art pieces in the spotlight without making a distinction when it comes to the way in which they are displayed – on the plate or hanging on the wall.

The uniquely blended and handcrafted coffees and teas are also available in the retail section of the restaurant and now you can enjoy your toffee, popcorn, tea cola, creme brûlée or chocolate mint tea in the comfort of your home.