Emporio Antico — Tasting Lounge & Retail Boutique —

Emporio Antico — Tasting Lounge & Retail Boutique —


Bringing unique and rare food to the culture hub of Hong Kong

Emporio Antico was established in 1938 in Australia and since then the company has earned a special place in delivering exotic fine foods to major cities in Asia, such as Hong Kong, Taipei and Macau. With decades of experience in supplying fine foods to hotels, casinos and Michelin-star restaurants, the time has come for Emporio Antico to open its own Tasting Lounge & Retail Boutique in Hong Kong.

Specialising in fresh truffles and traditional fine caviar, Emporio Antico has created a space where exclusive delicacies are readily available in many major Asian cities.


Witnessing the work of crème de la crème chefs from around the world, Emporio Antico has entrusted the consulting of the menu to two talented chefs: Roland Schuller (Michelin-star chef) and Edgar Sanuy (Hong Kong Young Chef of the Year 2013). This decision has ensured that a meal at the Tasting Lounge is a sublime culinary experience and a sensational trip for your taste buds.

The décor of the Tasting Lounge is designed to take you deeper into the extraordinary experience of fine dining in Hong Kong, and the furniture at the place, such as chesterfield lounges, is aimed at helping you to relax and simply enjoy the amazing food.