Essential Riedel

Essential Riedel

At home or in a bar, to enjoy a cocktail to the fullest it is imperative to use the right glass, not just for the look, but to ensure the temperature, the ratio of alcohol and the way the complex flavours interact with your taste buds.

Luckily for bartenders and the casual cocktail making crew, the best glassmakers take cocktail glass pairing very seriously, and none do it with more aplomb and elegance than Riedel with a drink-specific cocktail range.

Glass Types

The Neat

Proportionally smaller than the Rocks, the Neat is sized to nestle perfectly in the hand. With similar usage, it appears full when a Rocks glass would not, a visual appearance many bartenders like. As the name suggests, it’s also a great choice for neat spirits, served with or without ice.

The Rocks

The Riedel Rocks is a multi-purpose glass and a worthwhile addition to any drink cabinet. Designed specifically for standard ice cubes and the increasingly popular oversized ice cubes, the Rocks is the glass of choice for spirituous cocktails served “down” – that’s chilled but in a glass without a stem, such as a Negroni or Old Fashioned.

The Sour

A classic shape, the sour glass is designed for sweet, citrus drinks, such as a Whiskey Sour, and features a slender stem to help keep the drink away from the warmth of your hand. The Riedel Sour has an arched lip that ensures the drink is presented to the tip of the tongue for the most intense enjoyment.

Nick & Nora

If you want to be ahead of the game in terms of cocktail trends, invest in a pair of Riedel Nick & Nora glasses. These curvaceous beauties are more bell-shaped, slightly smaller than a traditional coupe and have a design that facilitates effortless and elegant sipping.
A sophisticated glass, they are perfect for stirred cocktails like the Martinez.

The Highball

The versatile Highball is one of the most popular glasses on the market. Slightly smaller than a Collins, these tall, chimney-shaped glasses are ideal for mixed drinks like gin and tonic and cocktails like the mojito. The shape of the glass helps retain the effervescence of the mixer. The sleek and bottom weighted Riedel glass is specially designed to use either standard or oversized ice cubes.

The Fizz

Similar to the Highball but slightly larger, use the Fizz for drinks built in the glass over ice that feature an effervescent component, such as tonic or soda water. Like the Highball, this sleek glass can accommodate standard and oversized ice cubes and is a popular choice for mocktails and mixed drinks like a Gin Fizz.


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