A Tribute to Tradition

A Tribute to Tradition

Beijing’s latest watering hole, Union, offers a place where simple elegance and unparalleled service merge as one. 

Set within the grounds of The Opposite House, Union is the latest drinking establishment that not only serves good drinks but also the best atmosphere for its guests. Designed by New York-based design firm AvroKO, the space exudes a 20th-century modernist studio feel suited to living, working and socialising.

Aiming to create a sense of belonging and discovery, each guest is treated to the feel of witnessing something new for the first time. Adorned by copper frames and metal mesh sheet artwork, the bar is specially crafted to have a clear social flow, while an eclectic mix of tempo and BPM sets the tone from day to night.

Being the latest ”it” bar in Beijing, Union offers a refined experience that celebrates the flavours, ingredients and drinking traditions of the Silk Road. A sophisticated drinks menu consists of an extensive wine list that changes every month, while for signature cocktails, the Genghis Khan Martini takes a play from Mongolia by mixing French gin, Mongolian Milk Wine, dry vermouth, elderflower, coconut and sea salt.



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