AB Steak by Chef Akira Back

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back


Steak lovers will be pleased to know that acclaimed Chef Akira Back has opened AB Steak. The latest addition to his innovative fine-dining restaurants, AB Steak is a unique steak house combining American and Korean influences.

AB Steak boasts an in-house meat chamber, in which ultra-premium cuts of meat are aged to perfection. Visitors can marvel at the seasonal cuts of beef being processed by the steak house through a glass showcase. A range of house-aged meat, premium imported cuts, is grilled over apple wood chips on a Korean-style grill. Once cooked to the diners’ liking, the steak can be enjoyed with five house-made sauces (sesame oil with sea salt and black pepper, ssamjang, bulgogi, wasabi soy and chimichurri) and six premium salt combinations (truffle, pink Himalayan, sriracha, garlic, yuja, kimchi).

Aside from perfect steaks, AB Steak offers beautiful small platters perfect for sharing, such as the lovely cold tofu salad, addictive duck fat fries and hearthy kimchi fried rice.