Eight Treasures, Jakarta

Eight Treasures, Jakarta


From sizzling steaks to aromatic curries, there are many different ways to enjoy your beef. One of the more unusual styles and one that’s gaining popularity is served at Eight Treasures in Jakarta, a refined and elegant steamboat restaurant that uses only the highest quality ingredients and promotes the health-boosting benefits of its broths.

The carefully prepared stocks incorporate medicinal foods, herbs and spices and are not only nutritional and healthy but are rich and tasty too.

Eight Treasures offers an à la carte selection of premium meats, seafood and vegetables to be cooked in these thoughtful creations, our favourite of which is the US Angus prime short ribs. Thinly sliced, these richly marbled exquisite slivers of prime beef perfectly complement the reviving broths and add to the nutritional value for a delicious meal.

With its gorgeous decor inspired by traditional Chinese folklore, Eight Treasures focuses on both the culinary and visual senses to give its customers an experience that feels both prosperous and blessed. Many of the features and furniture are custom designed, every diner has their own personal ornate silver or bronze steam pot and burner to cook at the table and the dining room is enhanced by floor-to-ceiling windows bringing in natural light during the day.

Eight Treasures

Plaza Indonesia

Jalan M.H.Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 8119698688

E: reservation@8treasures.asia