An Inviting Terraza

An Inviting Terraza


Adding more buzz to Canggu’s dining offerings, the famed Latin-inspired Santanera launches a stylish tapas bar with Terraza.

Inspired by the terrazas and vermuterias of Barcelona and Lisbon, Terraza is a delightful tapas bar located on the rooftop of Santanera. Sporting a sunny and breezy spring garden vibe, the bar can easily accommodate up to 90 guests while offering a ravishing assortment of small bites, wines and potent cocktails.

On the menu, the culinary team has whipped out a selection of Spanish-inspired snacks ranging from pinchos, tapas and empanadas that are freshly cooked and captured the distinctive taste of South America and the Mediterranean. For instance, the empanadas are served with traditional condiments, such as salsa macha, salsa criolla and chimichurri.

“From skewers cooked over charcoal to beetroot slowly cooked over ampers and topped off with goat’s curd and puffed buckwheat, pinchos at Terraza are best served with a wide range of wine and cocktails available in our menu,” adds chef and co-founder German Rincon.

Meanwhile, the bar is fully stocked with wines and cocktails that are perfect to enjoy for a pre-dinner or post-dinner hangout. Led by bar manager Gabriel Steinberger, the cocktail selections take inspiration from the classics, including casoni, a negroni-based cocktail transformed into a highball with blood orange juice, lemon juice and a bit of sugar.

Not only showcasing the chefs’ Colombian heritage, but the menu at Terraza also incorporates seasonal produce and other ingredients that are available in Bali, making Terraza the perfect spot to experience a melting pot of tastes and textures over sunny Bali skies with a casual, relaxed ambience.

Terraza at Santanera

Jalan Tanah Barak, Canggu

Bali 80351, Indonesia

T: (+62) 81246658896