Asuka Japanese Dining

Asuka Japanese Dining

Toro, Hirame, Akagai & Ebi Sushi

at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Arefuge for Japanese food purists and discerning gourmands in Jakarta, Asuka Japanese Dining offers a one-of-a-kind dining experience with its meticulously sourced ingredients prepared with exquisite skill. The food menu is curated by the hotel’s Executive Japanese Chef Nishiura Osamu, a veteran Japanese chef with decades of experience rubbing shoulders with culinary titans in award-winning kitchens across Asia. The venerated Sushi Chef Takasugi Harumitsu forms a formidable team with Chef  Osamu, crafting the perfect sushi and sashimi for the restaurant’s diners.

Visitors entering Asuka Japanese Dining are welcomed into a warm and elegant space. The interior is dominated by smooth light-honey wood panels, matching bar and dining tables as well as splashes of colour from the tasteful partitions. The overall effect is one of minimalism, a decidedly fitting choice for a Japanese establishment. With the recently introduced Sunday brunch menu, visitors can enjoy a delightful spread of signature dishes at Asuka Japanese Dining. The menu ranges from 10 to 15 carefully curated items. Highlights include delicacies such as the kanpachi sushi, maguro sushi and hotate sushi, which uses only the highest-quality seafood air-flown weekly from Japan’s Tsukiji Fish Market. Diners will love the subtle and exquisite taste of the ultra-premium seafood nestled on a mound of Japanese rice seasoned with Asuka Japanese Dining’s house-made infused rice vinegar sauce. Besides sushi, the brunch includes a house-made salad, crisp assorted tempura, all-time favourite chawanmushi, a comforting bowl of somen as well as a choice of green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream and fruits for dessert.

Top Picks

  • Toro sushi
  • Ebi sushi
  • Kanpachi sushi

Asuka Japanese Dining
JW Marriott Jakarta
Jalan Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2157988888