Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Pearl Chinese Restaurant

Unagi Dumpling

at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta

Famed as one of the city’s most exciting restaurants, the newly-revamped Pearl Chinese Restaurant also serves a dazzling Chinese cuisine-inspired spread for its special Sunday Dimsumlicious Brunch. Located on the second floor of JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, the restaurant’s décor is contemporary with charming Oriental touches such as the classically gorgeous white linen-draped round tables and the embroidered plush seats of the wooden chairs. The interior is a mix of crimson and gold, both colours favoured by the Chinese for signifying luck and prosperity. Large floor-to-ceiling windows take up one side of the dining room, through which guests can admire sweeping views of the bustling Kuningan district while enjoying a spot of brunch with family and friends.

The brunch spread features classic Chinese favourites such as housemade beef shank, tantalising black pepper beef, the lovely kungpao chicken, the umami roasted pork belly as well as golden parcels of fish fillets finished off with sweet and sour sauce. Staples such as fluffy fried rice and stir-fried seasonal vegetables round off a hearty Chinese-style brunch.

For guests looking for something light, we recommend the Congee which comes with garnishes such as shredded chicken, sliced green onions and fried shallots. Do order the made-to-order steamed dim sum, with classics such as har gao and chicken xiao long bao in addition to unique creations such as the unagi prawn dumplings (caramelised unagi atop a steamed prawn wrapped in translucent house-made skin), the seared lamb bun (parcels of juicy lamb in dark sauce wrapped in housemade bao-skin and pan-seared) and the duck ravioli – succulent slices of duck in housemade sauce wrapped in ravioli skin, deep fried and served with pumpkin and salted egg yolk sauce.

To end your meal on a memorable sweet note, drop by the dessert station where one can find a spread of delightful Western and Chinese desserts. Staples such as rich chocolate cakes and mango puddings jostle for space with Chinese favourites such as sesame balls and egg tarts.

Top Picks

  • Unagi Dumpling
  • Siew Mai Truffle
  • Duck Ravioli

Pearl Chinese Restaurant
JW Marriott Jakarta
Jalan Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Jakarta 12950, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2157988888


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