Atlas Bar

Atlas Bar

The world-class eclectic Singaporean ATLAS Bar just launched its new drinks menu, Sense of Place, taking inspiration from Art Deco architectural wonders. Developed by Head Bartender Jesse Vida and the ATLAS team, the new menu explores the lively spirit and energy of European Art Deco architecture, as well as shared connections between past and present.

Expect an innovative array of cocktails through ATLAS’ Sense of Place, featuring curious ingredients and many unexpected, yet delicious flavour combinations. Sense of Place is divided into seven chapters, each with a whimsical illustration of a European Art Deco landmark, beautifully displaying unique and ornate traits of each building, from iconic Battersea Power Station and Teatro Éden, to lesser known Art Deco compounds such as Helsinki Central Station.

For example, its opening chapter, Luminary Landmark captures the glamour of Parkview Square where ATLAS resides and invites guests to partake in wholly no-alcohol, world class cocktail experiences, featuring drinks including Vanda Mist, a bittersweet, creamy non-alcohol cocktail made of fresh grapefruit, almond syrup, salt, cinnamon and cream served on crushed ice. 

In Chapter Six, Electric Powerhouse, represents the aforementioned Battersea Power Station of London through Vapour Guide cocktail. A spirit-forward and vivacious blend of peach oolong-infused American vodka, English gin, bianco vermouth and rosé aperitif.

Top 3 Tipples

  • Vanda Mist
  • Anethum Granite
  • Vapour Guide


Atlas Bar

Parkview Square
600 North Bridge Road
Singapore, 188778

T: +65 6396 4466