Busaba A Thai café

Busaba A Thai café

When it comes to Thai cuisine, Busaba a Thai café is the best and most authentic place. In Thai, Busaba means a beautiful flower as a symbol of modern life. The meaning transforms into a luxurious restaurant with an atmosphere of elegance and perfection. The culinary team is committed to bringing the best quality to each dish, full of amazing flavours, made from the finest ingredients and local produce.

Busabas culinary offerings are a fine blend of traditional Thai and western dishes. The restaurant offers a few signature dishes, such as Tom Yam Goong comprising oxtail or large prawns and mushrooms seasoned with aromatic herbs, and Neua Klook Foon, flavourful meat with Thai spices served with a spicy sauce. There are also more tempting dipping sauces and fiery spicy dishes. Each component offers an exceptional taste, from the fresh lime, homemade ginger beer to the expertly roasted Thai chilli, Busaba embodies the true essence of authenticity.


Busaba is part of Jittlada Group, aiming to take the enjoyment of fine dining to the next level. Each restaurant within the group offers a unique ambience and signature dishes, including Busaba. You can also hold business meetings while enjoying a delicious meal, as the restaurant offers private rooms with an intimate and cosy atmosphere. Book your table now and experience the unforgettable flavours of Busaba a Thai café. 

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Busaba a Thai Café

Mall Pacific Place

Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, SCBD

Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2157973559

E: marketing@jittlada.com

W: jittlada.com/busaba

IG: @busaba_id