Consider Oscar for Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Consider Oscar for Your Valentine’s Day Dinner

Mark this year’s day of love by indulging in a delicious five-course menu, celebrating Jakarta’s finest.

Found on the 46ᵗʰ floor of The Plaza building, Oscar’s ambience radiates brightness, elegance and romance, celebrating individuals, emotions and flavours. As a contemporary European eatery, Oscar amalgamates traditional recipes from across Europe with contemporary flair, making it an ideal setting for commemorating love and joyous occasions. 14 February 2024 is no exception, as a five-course set Valentine’s dinner looks to bring lovers even closer together.

The soirée at Oscar will comprise culinary delights no short of extraordinary, as it features a diverse array of European and Indonesian flavours, showcased in luxurious and indulgent dishes. Infused with authentic eastern tastes, complemented by a touch of Asian influence, couples can anticipate a selection of exotic culinary delights. Due to the limited seating capacity, it is highly recommended to promptly secure your reservation at the venue.


The Plaza

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10350, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2129922448



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