Defining Success

Defining Success

Reino Barack, President Director of Rizki Bukit Abadi

Reino Barack is known for many things, from dabbling in one of the biggest media companies in Indonesia and being the creator of the first Indonesian tokusatsu series, to leading Rizki Bukit Abadi, the hospitality group that owns famous travel, lifestyle and culinary destinations in Jakarta, Bali and other cities in the country. He takes time to talk to Exquisite Taste about his keys to success and the importance of his family.

E: As one of the most successful businessmen in Indonesia, what do you think are the keys to running a successful business?

A: I think calling me one of the most successful is a bit of a stretch, but thank you. In my opinion, there is no specific formula to running a successful business. Just do what is needed. Of course, there are different traits that are required depending on what, where and which stage you are at in the business, whether this is a start-up, a family business, small business or something else. I believe that you need to at least not only understand but also to apprehend “the battlefield” you are entering. To follow up on the decisions, you also need good people to be able to execute them correctly. Sometimes wrong choices can give great outcomes and good choices can deliver chaotic results. But this should not stop us from doing the best we can, to do what is humanly possible and necessary. The rest we leave to God.

E: How did you get into the media industry? Has it always been your passion?

A: During my post-grad years, upon returning to Indonesia, I was highly intrigued by the idea of sharing information and communicating with the masses through one platform. We live in a heavily populated country, and media is one of the most powerful tools for people to make choices, to mould ideas and give perspective. My passion was to do this the right way, sharing accurate, good information that could potentially shape and mould positive thoughts in people’s minds. I was given an opportunity to experience running that business for several years on different platforms: television, print, and digital.

E: Throughout your years running businesses, what is the most memorable/rewarding moment that you’ve experienced?

A: I do get a moment of relief for every business that I create or take part in. But this is a momentary feeling because “the battle” only begins then. A rewarding project for me was probably the kids show for which I took the initiative to produce on national television. The amount of work was tremendous as I participated in all aspects of the project, and I could only do this job after I finished my normal work hours, which was not early. I had little sleep, which cost me my health. But realising what was at stake and the potential impact of the business kept me going until it first aired in June 2013. The first episode had a relatively high audience share for a new programme, which was close to 20 percent. 

E: As a family man, how much does your family play a role in your business and success?

A: I’m pretty close with my family. My wife is one of the biggest supporters that I have. My father and mother definitely play a big role, as well as my sister, who gives the best advice. We don’t talk about every single thing in the business, but when we meet, they definitely give me good, constructive insights. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so I believe I got these thoughts, the mindset and spirit from my father, who has been an entrepreneur for a long time. Just being around him, you are affected by the decision-making, his approach to problem-solving, and a lot of different things. 

E: How do you balance your business and personal life to maintain a happy and healthy life?

A: Time management, like everybody else manages their time, and the willingness to do so. I consider myself pretty disciplined. I do divide my time and always try to make time to exercise once a day. This helps me clear my mind and put my body and thoughts in a better place.

E: How would you define success?

A: Finding a job that you love, finding a life partner who you love, living sufficiently, being healthy and peaceful.

E: Is there any future project that you would like to share with the readers?

A: There are several ongoing projects, including an Okura hotel in Jakarta. This building will consist of condominiums, serviced apartments and hotel rooms, with some retail floors within the premises. There are other projects I would like to share as well, however I am not able to do so at this time.

E: What advice would you give someone who wants to build their own business?

A: I often hear people talking about the worries of starting their own business. It is best if you forget the fear, forget failures and just do what is ahead of you. Do it diligently, with strong dedication and discipline. Seize the opportunity and build up your people, because in the end, the things we often regret the most are the risks we did not take.

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Reino Barack