Delivering Asian Flavours

Delivering Asian Flavours

Savour the rich and vibrant cuisine of Thailand, China and Vietnam at the luxurious setting of Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort.

Ensconced within the luxurious Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort is a wide selection of dining and drinking destinations. For casual Mediterranean fare, guests can head to The Beach House, meanwhile the all-day dining Crescendo serves global and regional cuisine topped by gulf views. The Lotus Lounge offers a relaxed lounge overlooking the gulf, the all-day Revo Café is a charming coffee house to get your caffeine fix, while Bushman’s Restaurant & Bar serves upscale Australian dining.

Among the varied selection, one restaurant stands out with its vibrant colours and bold design, as well as authentic Asian flavours. The restaurant grabs your attention at first glance with its Asian-inspired knick-knacks, including rickshaw-style seating, birdcage décor, and Chinese umbrella installation on the ceiling. Each corner of the restaurant showcases meticulous details that make a feast for the eyes. The semi-outdoor rickshaw seating overlooking the beach is a favourite choice, however, for a more secluded feel, Mekong also provides a private dining room.

A great dining destination to sample the rich flavours that Asia has to offer, Mekong takes diners on a culinary journey across Thailand, China and Vietnam through the regional dishes and spices. The appetisers are categorised into warm and cold starters, offering Asian favourites such as Vietnamese prawn roll, Laab Gai Thai minced chicken salad, sun-dried beef, and more.

Mekong also takes pride in its house-made dim sum selection, with all-time comfort bites, like the steamed vegetable dumpling with mushroom and asparagus, steamed prawn har gao, crispy prawn dumpling with XO chilli sauce, and more. Dim sum enthusiasts can also order the Mekong Dim Sum Selection to try as many varieties as they wish.

For a hearty option, Mekong’s soup and noodle section is worth checking out. On the Thai front, the Tom Kah Gai chicken coconut soup offers vibrant nutrition with a touch of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, coconut milk, chilli, coriander and cherry tomato. For something bolder, the Tom Yum Goong spicy prawn soup is a go-to option. The Chinese chicken noodle soup with fresh egg noodles and chicken is delightful, while the Vietnamese beef noodle soup is a savoury dish that brings warmth to the palate as well as the soul.

The main course section holds a variety of delicacies that are ideal for individuals or to share. Choose from the beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce, roasted Beijing duck, chili soft-shell crab, and much more. A vast array of other choices are available, including from the curry selection, vegan or vegetarian dishes, and signature noodle and rice dishes.

Save some space for Asian-inspired desserts, such as the black sesame milk panna cotta, Thai tea roll, Thai mango sticky rice, or the coconut ice cream with mini fruits, mango sabayon and roasted coconut.


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