Felix Budisetiawan

Felix Budisetiawan

Executive Chef at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Chef Felix Budisetiawan has cuisine in his life blood. Born and raised in Bali, he started to master the kitchen and develop his culinary passion early on by helping out in the family business. Over the years, his expertise has encompassed the gastronomic arts of both French and traditional and modern Indonesian cooking and he now specialises in the art of Indonesian cooking in a way that preserves the authenticity while using modern techniques and fine-dining concepts.

The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is highly renowned for its excellent, international-standard Indonesian food. Revelling in the pressure brought by the reputation of the hotel’s restaurants, Chef Felix interacts with his guests and finds inspiration on a constant basis, even incorporating obscure ingredients to keep the culinary offerings of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta engaging and fresh, while highlighting the best of Indonesian food.


Tea-smoked Langoustine with Pesmol sauce and Rujak Juhi

I don’t have just one signature dish. The Dharmawangsa Jakarta is famed for numerous legendary dishes, so I have to invent new masterpieces every day! The tea-smoked langoustine here is fused with pesmol sauce, which is a very old, pre-Independence dish. Rujak juhi, on the other hand, is a distinctive sweet-and-sour fresh vegetable dish. I was inspired to smoke the langoustine at a barbeque when I accidentally infused white meat with tea and it enhanced the taste very well. This dish is only available by special request, pre-ordered for special occasions.

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