Chandra Yudasswara

Chandra Yudasswara

Corporate Chef at Portable Kitchen Indonesia

Growing up, Portable’s Corporate Chef Chandra Yudasswara’s path in the F&B industry was already set for him. A love for food was instilled into Chef Chandra, being constantly surrounded by tantalising aromas and delicious cuisines. He recalls a childhood spent in the family kitchen, watching his mother make soft, fluffy mountains of bakpau (Chinese buns) and mounds of bacang (sticky rice dumplings). Chef Chandra’s father himself was a chef and consultant for five-star hotels and restaurants. As a youth, he followed his father into countless kitchens and hotels, meeting glitzy celebrities, famous chefs and eventually working in kitchens preparing for lavish celebrations and VIP dinners. One of Chef Chandra’s most outstanding memories is spending days racking his brains to prepare a dinner for pop star and icon Michael Jackson, who eventually only wanted plain grilled fish!

Chef Chandra believes that at its heart, being a chef is about constantly delighting guests and exceeding their expectations. Chef Chandra’s extensive repertoire of Asian and Western dishes reflects his flexibility and years of experience working in various kitchens.

Beef & Yolk

Chef Chandra aims to reach every corner of the Indonesian archipelago and share his delightful cuisine. One signature dish guests can savour is his tantalising beef and yolk. Sauteed to perfection, the flavoursome beef medallion sits atop a bed of rosemary potato cubes, crowned with a perfectly poached egg and is finished with a hearty mushroom gravy.

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