Jennifer Bachdim

Jennifer Bachdim

Model and influential figure Jennifer Bachdim has been practicing a healthy lifestyle even before the world situation got challenging. She shared her workout routines and the secret to maintaining a healthier way of life with Asia Dreams.

Q: How are you doing with the current situation and having to stay at home?
A: The current situation isn’t easy. The whole world, and all of us, are affected by the circumstances. That being said, we should stay happy, healthy, active and also mentally well during self-quarantine.

Q: What’s your secret to a healthier lifestyle?
A: I have been a vegan for around three years now and I’m loving it! My body feels great, I feel strong and happy. Currently my exercise routine is my own home workouts, which I post on my YouTube channel under my name. I’ve made a workout plan for each week, starting the end of March, so that my followers can join in and stay active. The videos are short yet effective workouts that everyone can do from home. They start from a quick 10-minute booty workout, to a quick HIIT session, and much more. I try to implement my lifestyle with my children, and they love it. You can see in some of my videos that my son and daughter join my workouts.

Q: Do you have any tips for those who would like to maintain a healthy lifestyle?
A: The secret is definitely being motivated, dedicating yourself to a healthier way of life, and seeing or feeling the benefits from actually living that healthy lifestyle. Once you have experienced a healthy lifestyle and its benefits, you won’t go back, I promise! It’s so rewarding for your body, your mind and your soul to take care of what you’re eating and to be active.

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