Jia, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

Jia, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta


A staple of Chinese cuisine, goose meat has always held a special place at dining tables for the Chinese. Traditionally, the Cantonese cook their geese in a blazing charcoal furnace oven where they are slowly roasted and allowed to baste in their own juices and a mix of seasoning (usually including, but not limited to, five-spice powder). Fresh from the oven, the goose meat is tender while the roasted skin is tantalisingly crisp.

Braised goose, on the other hand, is iconic of Teochew cuisine (although the Hokkiens and Cantonese have their own versions of braised goose). Marinated goose is usually slow cooked in a bath of soy sauce, oyster sauce aromatics, such as mandarin peel, and Chinese rice wine for hours. The end result is a beautifully succulent and delightful dish.

At Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, guests can enjoy Jia restaurant’s rendition of the classic Chinese braised duck. Jia’s braised goose dish uses goose feet. Cooked to gooey and tender perfection in a traditional claypot, the goose feet are wonderfully flavoured with Chef Christopher Chai’s secret sauce mix, served with umami black mushrooms and vibrant broccoli florets.