Restoran Fiesta, Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta

Restoran Fiesta, Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta



For those living in Asia, venison is considered a rare treat, often restricted to high-end specialty grocers, fine-dining venues and gourmet restaurants. Originally meaning the meat of any game animal killed by hunting, modern day venison is widely accepted as the meat of a deer. In medieval times, venison was considered meat for royals, with hunting rights restricted in areas reserved only for members of the nobility. Venison is very much like beef in its typical cooking methods. Usually served as steaks, venison is equally popular as pot roasts, sausages, stews and even burgers. Its flavour is similar to beef, though it is richer and much more gamy.

With the rise of livestock farming, venison meat has lost some of its exclusivity in the modern era since livestock meat is easier to obtain and cheaper. Consumer interest in venison has risen in recent years as it is considered a healthy meat, an alternative to factory-farmed livestock. Since wild deer live freely in nature, venison meat is leaner than grain-fed beef or lamb and free from artificial hormones. For environmentally conscious individuals, venison meat is also considered a low-impact food.

At Sari Pan Pacific Hotel’s Restoran Fiesta, Chef Eno Suratno personally prepares his specialty pan-fried venison with pumpkin puree for diners. Chef Eno’s 20 years of experience in the kitchen is evident in his fuss-free approach to the steak to let diners enjoy the unique flavour profile of the venison – sweet, luscious and decadent. Served simply with lightly seared foie gras, reduced brown sauce and seasonal vegetables, the dish is exquisitely executed.