Ketut Sumerta

Ketut Sumerta

Executive Chef at Padma Resort Ubud

Chef Ketut Sumerta was born in the tiny hamlet of Puhu in northern Bali. Whilst home on vacation from his job in Macau, he found the Padma Resort Ubud was being constructed just a few hundred metres from his family home; aware of Padma’s reputation, he walked over to see who he could talk to and was appointed executife chef more or less on the spot.

Classic, wholesome international and local dishes prepared and presented with contemporary artistic flair are at the heart of Executive Chef Ketut’s philosophy, one supported by the freshest produce conceivable, much of which is grown and harvested under his supervision from his own village’s fields, just minutes from the luxury resort.

Once a reluctant chef, he honed his skills with 17 years working overseas at five-star establishments with five years in Istanbul, two more in Hong Kong and two more under an Italian Michelin-starred chef; all crucial elements in developing the extremely well-rounded skills a resort chef requires and which Chef Ketut displays in abundance.


This legendary Indonesian dish is famous around the world and as an Indonesian chef I have a strong desire to promote Indonesian food internationally, especially using a different perspective. I delight in using my talent in art gastronomy to elevate local Indonesian dishes into fine, world-class luxury food.


  • 40g white cabbage
  • 40g Chinese cabbage
  • 40g bean curd
  • 40g tempeh
  • 40g long beans
  • 40g rice cake
  • 40g bean sprouts
  • 40g English spinach
  • 50cc peanut sauce
  • 3pcs rempeyek crackers
  • 10g Bali lime


  1. Boil vegetables, then cool in iced water.
  2. Pat dry, then place in a bowl with peanut sauce, Bali lime and sweet sambal.
  3. Serve gado-gado on top of a banana leaf cup with steamed rice cake, boiled egg and peanut crackers.
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