Mulia Spa

Mulia Spa

With a modern and luxurious design, state-of-the-art facilities, an endless array of pampering and wellness offers and top-notch service, Mulia Spa belongs to a league of its own: the world class one.

The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua, Bali is never one to be mediocre. The establishment always plays big in everything it does– size, facilities, quality and service, including in its spa and wellness facilities. The award-winning Mulia Spa isn’t like any of its counterparts, it’s in a league of its own with a sleek and sophisticated design and state-of-the-art features.

Right in the backyard of the spa reception are the elaborate hot and cold hydrotonic pools. Guests can start with the cold pool before continuing to the hot pool, both are designed with carefully placed pressure jets that are beneficial to boost the metabolism and detox process, and to heal aching muscles and joints.

Move along to the Wellness Suite where the Asian Hammam tables, steam, sauna and ice rooms are waiting. Mulia Spa’s steam room is a futuristic and minimalistic white space, equipped with a selection of rain or mist showers, and lighting and sound systems – each plays colourful lights and selected tunes respectively, based on the “emotion” mood button that you choose. The signature ice room is just as intriguing, with a look that’s reminiscent of an ultramodern spaceship, this room is where you cool off the sweat after the previous two rooms. With two benches – one on each side of the room – and an Icefall Crystal fountain as the room’s pièce de résistance, you can grab a handful and more of the crushed ice from the fountain and use it to soothe your skin or as a scrub.

Mulia Spa is perfect for those who like to take their time to really bask in lavish indulgence. Take its signature Royal Lulur experience, for example. The treatment starts with a soothing foot bath before continuing to the fragrant body scrub. The decadent scrub concoction consists of cinnamon that’s useful to fight bacterial and fungal infections and turmeric that’s proven to contain bioactive compounds with anti inflammatory properties. Don’t rush, and just savour the body mask treatment that follows. The body mask uses jicama as its main ingredient, which is rich in vitamin C and good for brightening the skin, improving elasticity and enhancing resistance to UV rays. Wrapping up the 120-minute blissful journey is the Balinese massage – known for its strategic pressures – to relieve muscle fatigue and strain.


Beyond the opulent Royal Lulur package, Mulia Spa still has an abundance of pampering goodness to choose from. Consult the team to know which treatment fits your needs best. Furthermore, Mulia Spa provides a holistic service that extends to seasonal retreats, bespoke lifestyle and corporate wellness programmes that include well-balanced spa cuisine.

The menu for the spa cuisine is very extensive and elaborate. Guests will be consulted and assisted to design their meals – from appetiser to dessert, and from breakfast to dinner time, they’ll be well covered. Every single item in the menu has been calculated for its nutrition and calorie content, so each bite you take has been well considered for the best result. Mulia Bali’s authentic regional chefs design the food and beverage selection so that they can provide proper nutrition without unnecessary calories that still tastes good. Imagine achieving your wellness goal while savouring grilled Australian Black Angus beef tenderloin paired with the Delicious Detox of cucumber, wild lime, strawberries and blueberries. Yum!

The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua, Bali

Jalan Raya Nusa Dua Selatan, Sawangan, Nusa Dua

Bali 80363, Indonesia

T: (+62) 3613017777