Okayu osho

Okayu osho


Chef/Restaurateur Mandif Warokka has been one of the world’s leading culinary names in Bali for more than a decade. Just last year, Mandif successfully brought Indonesia’s team to the final round of the prestigious culinary competition Bocuse D’or for the first time.

After Mandif’s success with restaurants like Teatro Gastroteque and BLANCO par Mandif in Bali, the visionary mind brings his brilliance to Jakarta. One of his creative culinary concepts in the capital city is Okayu Ōshō, a charming and intimate venue serving comfort Japanese cuisine with the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

The core dish of the restaurant appears on the moniker; okayu means porridge in Japanese, and Japanese porridge is unlike any of its counterparts you have tasted before. Made from the highest quality of Japanese nishiki rice, the restaurant offers different okayu dishes spread into two categories: Okayu and Okayu Signature.


The signature superstar here is the Gyukotsuzui okayu, cooked in bone marrow broth and served with bone marrow bits and negi or leek, resulting in a silky and tasty dish with savoury and umami flavours. To go even more premium, the Okayu Signature boasts okayu served with A5 wagyu, truffle and bone marrow.

With that being said, do not stop at the okayu section, as Okayu Ōshō encompasses other fine Japanese delicacies that go well with okayu. Guests’ favourites include the Bluefin Toro Truffle Set, the Yakitori Platter, fish skin crackers, as well as freshly shucked oysters with ponzu and yuzu sauce.


  • Gyukotsuzui Okayu
  • Bluefin Toro Truffle Set
  • Yakitori Platter

Okayu Ōshō