OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

OKU Bento

Found within the prestigious Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta is OKU, a scrumptious destination for Japanese culinary enthusiasts and discerning diners alike. Upon entering OKU, guests are greeted by opulent ambience, accentuated by a glistening gold reception area that sets the tone for the exquisite experience that awaits. 

The restaurant’s modern Japanese design, characterised by clean lines and minimalist aesthetics, creates an ambience of understated elegance. Divided by an indoor fountain and adorned with metal crane sculptures, the dining area exudes a sense of tranquillity, reminiscent of a traditional Japanese garden.

One of OKU’s most captivating features is its kitchen, visible from the dining area so that diners can witness the culinary mastery of the skilled culinary team. Renowned for its innovative approach to Japanese cuisine, OKU offers delectable signature dishes, including the famous OKU Karaage and the indulgent truffle gyudon. The restaurant takes pride in its sushi craftsmanship, evident through dishes like the iconic OKU Sushi Platter, a visually stunning masterpiece that entices the senses.

For those seeking a comprehensive culinary experience, the restaurant offers the esteemed OKU Bento, a gastronomic journey featuring an array of meticulously curated dishes, from hearty meals to a delightful dessert, available for lunch. 

Beyond its culinary delights, OKU provides a dining venue for different functions. Whether it’s a business luncheon, a celebratory dinner or a casual gathering with friends, OKU provides the ideal setting. The restaurant’s zen atmosphere, coupled with laidback jazzy vibes, sets the stage for memorable moments and meaningful connections.

Moreover, OKU’s bar, with its chic and sophisticated ambience, serves as the perfect venue for pre-dinner cocktails or post-meal libations. The bar offers an extensive selection of top-tier sakes, whiskies and spirits, providing patrons with an opportunity to unwind and indulge in refined pleasures.  

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OKU at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

Jalan M.H. Thamrin

Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2123583800

E: info.jakarta@kempinski.com

W: kempinski.com/jakarta

IG: @okujakarta