Okuzono Japanese Dining

Okuzono Japanese Dining

Sashimi Moriawase Matsu

With a name inspired by the Japanese characters for inner garden, Okuzono Japanese Dining promises an experience akin to discovering a serene paradise within the bustling food district of Senopati. The restaurant’s vision is clear: to offer guests more than just a meal but an immersive journey toward balance and wellness through exquisite food. This vision is reflected in every aspect of Okuzono, from its meticulously curated menu to its thoughtfully crafted design.

The ambience at Okuzono is designed to transport guests to an unforgettable savoir-faire, where they can escape the chaos of daily life and indulge in a moment of culinary bliss. The zen garden view greets diners in creating a harmonious environment that invites guests to savour not only the delicious flavours of Japanese cuisine but also the artistry and craftsmanship behind each dish. Okuzono’s menu is a testament to the perfect blend of innovation and tradition. Rooted in classic Japanese culinary techniques, the restaurant takes creativity to extraordinary levels by infusing unique flavours and presentations into every dish. From traditional favourites to contemporary interpretations, Okuzono promises a dining experience that is refreshingly exciting and deeply satisfying.

Central to the Okuzono experience is the restaurant’s meticulously crafted design, which seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. The signature boxed seating and open kitchen concept allow guests to witness the dynamic food preparation process firsthand, engaging their senses and enhancing their dining moments.The restaurant offers nine distinct dining areas, each designed to cater to different preferences and occasions. Among the favourites are the Zen Garden Rooms, with their serene ambience and picturesque views, perfect for intimate gatherings and private dining experiences. Meanwhile, the Kimono Room exudes modern luxury and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for meetings and events.  

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Okuzono Japanese Dining

Jalan Suryo

Jakarta 12180, Indonesia

T: (+62) 2127933565

W: okuzono.id

IG: @okuzono.id