On the Waterfront

On the Waterfront

Following the legendary reputation of its original location, The Siam Tea Room at Asiatique the Riverfront offers more than its signature traditional savours.

by Rizki Pradana

Authentic Thai Cuisine

In the heart of Bangkok, nestled along the legendary Chao Phraya River, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park proudly unveils a gastronomic treasure – The Siam Tea Room. Asiatique The Riverfront proudly hosts the second restaurant of its name, following the original venue at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park, which opened its doors in 2016. It is a remarkable establishment, a harmonious blend of restaurant, bakery and café, and stands as a tribute to Thailand’s rich culinary heritage. Located within the enchanting Asiatique The Riverfront, it beckons diners to embark on a captivating voyage through the flavours of Thailand’s past and present.

As you step into The Siam Tea Room, you are transported into an elegant two-storey wooden building, where indoor and al fresco seating areas, a private dining room and mesmerising river views await. The Siam Tea Room immerses you in the warmth of a traditional Thai kitchen, with gable-patterned furniture and verdant potted plants. The inviting decor creates a space that is equally appealing to local residents and international visitors, promising an authentic Thai dining experience. Here, the culinary artisans, under the expert guidance of Chef Anukool “Aony” Poolpipat, bring to life traditional Thai cuisine, steeped in recipes passed down through generations.

The essence of The Siam Tea Room lies in its commitment to sourcing the finest local and seasonal ingredients. The result is a mouth-watering menu that takes diners on a historical gastronomic journey to Old Siam. Signature dishes such as the spicy & sour pomelo salad with mango, fluffy fried fish with sweet pork and a burst of orange zest, and BBQ free-range pork ribs, marinated to perfection in tamarind sauce, are but a glimpse into the culinary wonders that await. Not to be missed is the crab curry with betel leaves, a beloved recipe featuring the choicest local crab enveloped in a spicy, homemade yellow curry sauce, elegantly served with rice noodles. 

Crabmeat Yellow Curry Prawns Betel Leaves

The culinary adventure continues with a tantalising selection of sweet treats, including the iconic Thailand’s national dessert, mango sticky rice. Crafted using large, ripe local mangoes, premium sticky rice, and a generous drizzle of sweet, fragrant coconut milk, it’s a sublime conclusion to your meal. In true Siam Tea Room spirit, this Thai culinary haven extends beyond the restaurant, housing a casual café and bakery. Here, freshly-baked bread, delectable pastries, and other irresistible delights are crafted daily. Sip on high-quality tea and coffee, with beans sourced from the picturesque hills of Northern Thailand.


The Siam Tea Room at Asiatique The Riverfront is easily accessible by both road and river, with convenient shuttle boat services. It’s a culinary destination that promises not just an exceptional meal but a journey through Thailand’s rich gastronomic traditions. You can say that this is a haven for foodies, a sanctuary that pays homage to Thailand’s vibrant food culture. With a menu rooted in tradition, an inviting ambience, and a legacy of excellence, it invites diners to savour the essence of Old Siam by the Chao Phraya River. Whether you seek an authentic Thai experience or an exploration of culinary heritage, The Siam Tea Room stands ready to delight your senses and create cherished memories along the legendary riverbanks of Bangkok.  

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The Siam Tea Room

Asiatique The Riverfront

2194 Charoen Krung Road

Bangkok 10120, Thailand

T: (+66) 20595999

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