Plataran Menteng

Plataran Menteng

Kerapu Menteng

Discussing the subject of refined Indonesian cuisine, it’s impossible to leave Plataran Menteng out of the conversation. In fact, Plataran Indonesia group – comprising divine dining destinations and bespoke resorts – takes pride in its authentically Indonesia values. Plataran Menteng in particular is an oasis in the busiest area in Jakarta, providing discerning diners with a sophisticatedly comfortable ambience and an enticing menu reminiscent of Indonesian home-cooked meals.

Also known as the go-to function venue, the three-storey Plataran Menteng brings back the charming design of the colonial era. The first floor sees a quaint reception area that leads to the elegant dining area, two private rooms and the focal point of the venue, the mango tree the establishment is built around. More private dining areas can be found on the second floor, suitable for bigger events but still intimate. The third floor is perfect to kick back and relax over tea, coffee and a selection of snacks, and it leads to the idyllic rooftop area, where you can enjoy the city’s dynamic view in tranquillity.

Inspired by hearty cuisine found in Indonesia, the menu offers tasty and fulfilling delicacies, designed to be enjoyed family-style. Salad Putri Dewi makes a refreshing start, and the tahu telor asin and ayam Dharmawangsa are some of the all-time favourites. For something truly unique and luscious, go for the bebek manggis curry, comprising roast duck, light but tasty red curry and mangosteen – a festival of flavours! No Indonesian feast is complete without rice, and the restaurant has an appetising selection to choose from – from nasi putih and nasi merah, to nasi daun teleng and nasi keling. The variety also goes for the sambal selection, from sambal terasi and sambal mangga, to sambal matah and more.

To sum up, Plataran Menteng is not merely a venue where you eat and go, but it’s where great food and a great vibe are meant to be shared with loved ones – it’s where good memories are made.


  • The extensive and outstanding cuisine
  • Authentically Indonesian and homey ambience
  • The unrivalled city view from the charming rooftop

Plataran Menteng
Jalan H.O.S. Cokroaminoto No. 42
Menteng, Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
T: +622129627771

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