Rendy Reynaldi Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta...

Rendy Reynaldi Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro



DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro is a unique property in so many ways. A striking modern construction among Jakarta’s vintage area, it is assymetrically designed, evoking an artistic sense of freedom. The towering upper section stands out from afar, while the angular wings below welcome guests upon arrival and frame the pool at the rear part of the hotel.

The hotel’s flagship restaurant, Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar, is also far from ordinary. At first sight, it looks more like an art gallery than a restaurant, with the décor enhanced by charming paintings by John Martono visible from nearly every spot in the restaurant. The angle of the entrance is unusual, with no door and entry straight to the bar on the left and the bustling open kitchen on the right. The dining area is spread within one of the hotel’s extended wings for an attractive interior arrangement. Diagonal seating, dark walls with wooden panels, H-beam pillars and visible concrete ceilings make it pop-art dining so to speak. Located on the 3rd floor, diners can enjoy outdoor balcony seating or sit along the windows for views of either the swimming pool or the garden.

Yet, Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar did not received its good reputation based on DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta’s prime neighbourhood or modern architecture alone. Known for its fusion food offerings, Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar has been elevated with Chef Rendy Reynaldi’s appointment as chef de cuisine. Rendy brought with him a plethora of first-class kitchen experience and solid mastery of western cuisine, while his refined techniques and vivid imagination have helped to conceive a very interesting menu. His vision is simple: western and Indonesian fusion. His execution is faultless with remarkable dishes such as foie gras balado, tomato burrata kesemek, oxtail balado, barley risotto bacem, and crostini caprese kemangi. The restaurant’s popular meat dishes, including tomahawk, ribeye and spring chicken, remain, but it is worth exploring Chef Rendy’s other creations.

E: What is your background?

A: I am a local chef with a background in western cuisines. I studied the culinary arts in vocational high school before working in various four- and five-star kitchens all around Jakarta. The past few years have taken me higher, assuming the position of head chef.

E: What assets have you brought to Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar?

A: At Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar, I am combining my expertise in western cooking with my Indonesian origins and knowledge of local foods. My team and I are excited to present unique and innovative fusion dishes, as well as to introduce new flavours and experiences for guests.

E: In your opinion, what does it take to be a great chef?

A: As a chef, you need to be consistent in delivering the best results every time. You should never stop learning; learn new knowledge and develop new skills to grow as an even better chef in the future.

E: What has been the most memorable moment of your career?  

A: I will never forget the first time I set foot in the kitchen and the first time I cooked for guests. I was filled with excitement and was very happy to see the guests enjoy the food I had made.

E: What advice would you give to those who would like to get into the culinary industry, especially in a vibrant city like Jakarta?

A: There are many good restaurants and culinary talents in Jakarta. But for me, it comes down to a good concept with the best quality food and beverage products. At Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar, we use high-quality ingredients, for example our 150-day grain-fed Tomahawk and our Australian wagyu MB5 striploin. These help deliver high-quality dishes and the best experiences for those who enjoy it.  


  • 1.5kg tomahawk
  • Foie gras balado
  • Barley risotto bacem

Sea Grain Restaurant & Bar

at DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta – Diponegoro