Viva la Vida

Viva la Vida

Reverse fizz

Like most countries in South America, Peru has long built a reputation for its vibrant culture, breathtaking mountains and beaches, rich exports from its mines and farms, and amazing culinary delights. It’s time to introduce one more thing: pisco.

Despite its long, even ancient, history of alcoholic beverages, the South American region can’t seem to shake its stereotype of having only two liquors: tequila and rum – even though the former is Mexican. All the while, Peru has created its own spirit, namely pisco, made from crushed grapes, the skin and seed included, which is then fermented and distilled. 

Club Zamboni

Dating back to the 17th century, when the Spanish colonists published notes about the spirit, pisco didn’t reach other countries until around 200 years later. Still without the recognition of many other local liquors, a native distillery aims to change that and see the rebirth of pisco in the world. That brand is Pisco 1615, named after the year of the liquid’s first known recorded scripture. In the past few years, Pisco 1615 has been circulating in bars all around the globe, as well as winning awards in Europe and North America between 2018 and 2020.

Pisco 1615 was founded on the grounds of San Nicolas winery. Located in a breathtaking landscape with over 30 hectares of various grapes, the winery houses three stills and numerous stainless-steel tanks, as well as an experience centre for visitors. The brand creates three variants, with the blue labelled Puro being the most widespread release. Popularity aside, when it comes to international liquors, there’s always time and space to try a new one – and we say, this is pisco’s time.  

The Cocktails

Pacific Club

Pacific Club


2oz Pisco 1615

0.5oz Cinzano Rosso

0.5oz lemon

A handful of blueberries and raspberries


Muddle the berries in a glass

Fill glass with ice, followed by Pisco 1615, Cinzano Rosso, and lemon

Stir gently. Finish with more berries

Collins & Pomelo



2oz Pisco 1615

0.5oz gum syrup

3oz pink grapefruit juice

Soda water

3 drops Angostura bitters


Pour the Pisco 1615, syrup, and juice in a glass

Stir, then add ice cubes 

Fill the glass with soda water and a drop of bitters, then mix gently

Decorate with grapefruit slices




2oz Pisco 1615

3oz fresh watermelon

4 drops lemon

Ginger ale


Place ice in a mule mug

Pour in all ingredients except ginger ale. Stir gently for five seconds.

Pour in the ginger ale

Top with mint leaves

Pi Spritz



1.5oz Pisco 1615

1.5oz Aperol

2oz tangerine juice

2oz prosecco

3 drops lemon


Fill glass with ice, add Pisco 1615 and Aperol

Pour in the juice, prosecco and lemon

Finish with a tangerine slice and sprig of mint

Top with berries

Pisco 1615