Sana Sini Restaurant

Sana Sini Restaurant

Seafood Corner

at Pullman Jakarta Indonesia

Offering one of the most extensive and exciting spreads of cuisine in Jakarta, Sana Sini Restaurant is amongst the most popular brunch places in the city. With a variety of local and international favourites on the restaurant’s menu, even the pickiest of diner will be satisfied by the seasonal delicacies on offer at Sana Sini Restaurant. Located on the ground floor of the eminent Pullman Jakarta Indonesia, Sana Sini Restaurant occupies a snug and comfy space perfect for a Sunday brunch catch-up with family and friends. The restaurant décor is decidedly elegant, with marble flooring, wood and metal fixtures and ambient strip lighting. The dining areas are spaced out throughout the restaurant, with light-filled areas allocated to long communal tables as well as the snug corners assigned to private booths and intimate tables.

The cooking stations are scattered throughout the expansive restaurant, making a brunch session at Sana Sini Restaurant that much more exciting with fresh new culinary delights waiting in every corner. From premium seafood dishes such as grilled scallops and oyster Kilpatrick to unique live-cooking demonstrations of Singaporean black pepper crab, there is always some delicious items being made fresh to order in the restaurant. Guests after some Chinese goodies are urged to browse the dim sum station, where a variety of baos and dumplings nestle inside covered bamboo baskets. For lovers of Indonesian food, the satay station is a mandatory pit stop, where one can find anything from sate Padang to the popular sate taichan. Those with a persistent case of the sweet tooth are welcome to the dessert station, where an array of creative Indonesian-inspired cakes, ice creams and pastries are displayed.

Top Picks

  • Indonesian Sambal Station
  • Satay Grilling Station
  • Locally Inspired Gelato Flavours

Sana Sini Restaurant
Pullman Jakarta Indonesia
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 59
Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2131921111

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