Signatures Restaurant

Signatures Restaurant

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at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

An oasis of elegance and decadence in the heart of the city, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta offers its guests all the comfort and warmth of a home away from home. A favourite haunt of guests is the hotel’s Signatures Restaurant, which occupies a dazzling light-filled space on the ground floor. The interior of the restaurant is sleek and welcoming, all warm polished hardwoods, tan leather upholstered seating with complementary tones of cream, white and peach. Floral screen partitions filter the daylight streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling tempered glass that wraps around the length of the main dining space.

An expanse of local and international delicacies awaits guests at the restaurant’s buffet stations, which are designed with charming Indonesian touches such as bamboo awnings and traditional food carts. Do drop by the Japanese station, where one can find freshly sliced sashimi, delightful parcels of fried kaarage and the newly introduced Japanese chicken curry. The grill station features prime cuts and roasts such as tender lamb cutlets, black Angus prime ribs and roast chicken. For seafood lovers, fresh jumbo shrimps, mussels, langoustine  and lobsters are available. Guests looking for a local delicacy are urged to sample the famed Bubur Ayam HI – the hotel’s signature dish that has been a favourite amongst the hotel’s guests for the past 40 years. The chicken porridge is served with aromatic turmeric-laced chicken broth and condiments such as shredded chicken, abon sapi and fried cakwe. End your meal with a sweet treat at the dessert station, where perfect parcels of pastries and slices of decadent cake are made fresh daily by the restaurant’s award-winning patisserie team.

Top Picks

  • Bubur Ayam HI
  • Live Satay Station
  • Kids Buffet

Signatures Restaurant
Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta
Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1,
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
T: (+62) 2123583800

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