Mediterranean Meets Pan-Asian

With a diverse team of international chefs, Soleil Restaurant presents the best of Mediterranean and Pan-Asian in a variety of mouthwatering menus.


Sunny by name and nature, Soleil Restaurant is one of several exceptional restaurants within the Mulia Resort complex that includes three luxurious, interconnected properties on sprawling landscaped gardens alongside Geger Beach.

Overlooking the Mulia Resort’s stunning infinity pool, bespoke Soleil comes dissected by Sky Bar in two chic sections. Both sections are glass fronted, allowing an abundance of natural sunshine to stream in, offering the epitome of contemporary seaside elegance. Interiors are warm and inviting, with an extensive marble dining floor, basking in gold, white and pale-green hues with classic Mediterranean flourishes.

The elegant feel extends into Soleil’s menu of delectable north Mediterranean and Pan-Asian cuisine, made with premium local seafood and produce by an accomplished ensemble of international chefs – including Vietnamese, Indonesian and Thai – each offering a culinary expertise in their native region. Soleil does not present fusion cuisine per se, but rather several distinct culinary choices.

“Our focus is creating authentic coastal cuisine of Italy and France, coordinating this with authentically prepared Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisine,” confirms the resident Executive Chef. Most dishes are national classics, based on traditional recipes and techniques, each represented in its truest form and served with a beautiful presentation.

With the Executive Chef’s Italian expertise, Italian cuisine is well represented at Soleil. The magnifico Italian menu has now expanded its sublime, homemade pasta offerings to include eight new pastas made fresh everyday, including three ravioli varieties, plus guitar-cut maccheroni, fusilli, tagliatelle and lasagnette. “There isn’t another restaurant in Southeast Asia hand-crafting pasta like this!” the chef proudly claims.

Soleil’s menus include a la carte selections and the popular Sunday brunch buffet, featuring a generous spread of meat, grilled seafood and more, with an optional free-flow wine package.

Highlighting Soleil’s global gourmet prowess, the newly added family-style dinner menu offers customers another epicurean treat, with their choice of two set menus (a Mediterranean menu that is predominately Italian or an Asian menu incorporating Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine) both of which are exquisitely prepared in a four-course format. On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant focuses on casual, family-style dining, enjoyed in a leisurely fashion with an intimate gathering of friends or family.

In all of Soleil’s menus, the chef and kitchen team are committed to locally sourced, sustainable and natural ingredients from Indonesia’s oceans, islands and farmers (providing of course that the quality is equal to or better than the analogous import). Only essentials are imported, and local alternatives include surprisingly delicious Indonesian-made cheeses, like ricotta and feta. The freshest premium seafood, sourced daily from local suppliers, is prepared from scratch by the Soleil kitchen; seafood platters and other Pesce de Mare dishes are just a few of their highlights.

Since the menu is set, there are no disagreements about which dishes to choose, and you can linger as long as you desire over the four courses, encouraged further by Soleil’s plush seating options, including sofas and luxurious armchairs. The array of dishes is geared to the size of the group and can be customized to specific tastes, anything from gluten-free to a mix of both Mediterranean and Pan-Asian options.


Set menus are ever changing, but our taster from the Mediterranean menu included Piovra alla Brace (sensationally tender, charcoal-grilled squid, drenched in lemon with capers and red chili) and Ravioli di Manzo (regional Italian pasta stuffed with slow-cooked beef cheeks). Desserts are an unlisted daily surprise from an assortment of the chef’s favourite sweet offerings, but we were fortunate to sample the wickedly decadent, Molten-centre Valhrona Chocolate Fondant with pistachio ice cream. Reflecting the regional expertise of resident Asian chefs, the Asian menu includes such icons as Vietnam’s Goi Cuon Bo Nuong (fresh rice paper rolls made on-site and filled with grilled beef) and desserts such as the treats offered in the Thai Sweets Collection section of the menu. Note that portions are quite generous, so you may end up lingering longer than you intended. 

French Delicacy: 



Imported from France and increasingly difficult to bring into Bali, truffles are described as diamonds of the kitchen. The season for most truffles falls between September and May, making the scarce commodity one of the world’s most expensive natural foods. The truffle jus that so heavenly tops Teatro’s Kiwami Beef is one of the dish’s star attractions. After boiling beef and chicken bones for three days; leeks, celery, carrots, bay leaves, browned onions, and thyme are added to the mixture and simmered until clear. Port wine, garlic, shallots, and red wine are also added, creating a savoury reduction. When ready, freshly chopped truffles are added and allowed to infuse the concoction before being strained.

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