Sriwijaya restaurant at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Sriwijaya restaurant at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta

Essentially Indonesian, Elegantly European

Inspired by the glorious marine kingdom era, Sriwijaya restaurant at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta offers a very uniquely progressive Indonesian cuisine elevated into elegance by European elements.  



Located within the prestigious complex of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta, Sriwijaya restaurant is an iconic, high-end establishment offering the concept of progressive Indonesian cuisine. Requiring ample creativity and delicate balancing, the exquisite dishes of Sriwijaya bring modern Indonesian together with East-meets-West flavours, prepared and presented in an elegant French way. The infused taste and texture of modern Indonesian cuisines presented in such a way elevates the dishes to an all new height that ensures a completely distinct and memorable dining experience.  

Your journey into the elegant world of Sriwijaya begins as you walk through the main entrance, where you will immediately marvel at the richly textured imperial interior and aesthetic presentation of the high-ceilinged dining area, the feel of crisp linen on your lap and the gentle sounds of silver cutlery and crystal glasses.

The walls are painted in a specific shade of red, invoking the main colour used by Palembang ladies to dye the silk threads of their famous handmade and double-threaded woven fabric, which very often were enriched with intricate gold embroidery. Even the metal grill that hides the air conditioning units is modelled after the “Tumpal” motif, commonly used to edge Sumatran songket.

Arguably one of the most prominent figures in Indonesia’s progressive culinary scene, Chef Felix Budisetiawan offers intriguing dishes on a la carte and degustation menus, as well as a selection of wines for pairing. For the degustation set dinner, try the Palembang (South Sumatra), Manado (South Sulawesi) and Betawi (Jakarta) Progressive Indonesian menus. 

The Palembang-inspired selections are presented in an elegant European style and include tea-smoked Spanish lobster with espuma of vanilla and lemon grass peanut, ebi sorbet as an appetizer and Wagyu malbi short ribs with calabash buds served with fragrant rice. 

A recommended a la carte offering is the Bunaken-style half lobster tail with squid ink angel hair, spicy mild chilli and lemon basil with spicy and sour sauce, or sous-vide rawon short ribs with salted duck egg and century egg terrine with vegetable fricassee. 

For a delightful finish to a perfect dining experience, enjoy the banana cheese and chocolate pastry with caramelized banana cake, or savour the pan-fried fermented cassava with coconut palm sugar relish and tangerine jelly. If you’ve more of a sweet tooth, definitely go for the Indonesian spiced dark and white chocolate mousse with thousand-layer cake. 

In addition to an exclusive private dining room decorated with a very delicate gilt-painted octagonal lacquered box, a gold plated water vessel and other objects from Sumatra, Sriwijaya accommodates up to 50 seated guests. This distinctive atmosphere is completed with exceptional dishes presented in traditional silence, with impeccable service and a warm and majestic ambience.