At The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas – Nusa Dua

Table8---Tea-Master-2--primaWith an auspicious number attached to its name, Table8, located on the promenade level of The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas in Nusa Dua, opened its doors in June. This award-winning restaurant introduces the island to an abundant oriental culinary experience that promises to pamper every taste bud. With rich selections of authentic Cantonese and Szechuan delicacies, these home-cooking inspired dishes will welcome diners with a feast. From the elegantly displayed Chinese buffet, to exclusively crafted signature dishes found on the a la carte menu, there is surely plenty to savour. 

The deep cream and gold décor accompanied by artful lighting welcomes diners into a realm of the traditional yet modern, a dining haven. With large marbled-dining tables and hand-painted sofas, Table8 can accommodate up to 100 guests, with an additional private dining room, complemented by the historical artwork of China’s Empress Dowager Cixi to give a touch of dynasty. This ingenious arrangement creates that homey feel of a lush family room that truly echoes the Chinese dining culture.

Table8 offers a first of its kind in Bali with a gracious Chinese buffet of Canton and Sichuan-inspired dishes served across seven stations. Diners can begin with the delicate display of mini-plated cold appetizers, or jump to the choice of hot clay pots as you skim through. We headed to the soup station, where choices of fresh greens, beef, chicken and fish were ready for cooking to your preference; it was an ideal choice for anyone craving the nourishment of a hot liquid dish. The stir-fry station similarly serves freshly cooked dishes with your choice of mains and sides, complete with our favourite sauces, from the famous XO to black pepper. In addition, the chef has also prepared ready-cooked dishes from chilli crabs, to delicious home-cooked tofu, vegetables and fish with oyster sauce, to a variety of other tempting treats easily available for those wanting a quick bite. However, we were most eager to get to our sweet ending, where jelly-based desserts, scrumptious chocolate dishes served in a martini glass and fruity yogurts awaited.  

Determined to go deeper into the roots of Chinese cuisine, we skimmed through the a la carte menu and savoured the pan-seared tiger prawns glazed in homemade soy sauce and braised tofu with wild mushrooms topped with oyster sauce. For an even more lavish spread, take your picks from the succulent suckling pig, Australian five head whole abalone braised in wild mushroom and the wok-seared black peppered beef tenderloin cubes. Truly crafted dishes, plated to perfection for a delightful dining experience. 

The Hearty Dim Sum buffet, needless to say was offering only the best and is always available during lunch, as well as breakfast on Sundays. A sophisticated spread of classic favourites: har gao, siu mai and char siu bao, steamed or fried, cooked to your preference, these perfectly shaped dim sums were delectable.

Charmingly shaped and served in a wood dim sum box, they kept warm even sitting on our table as they waited  for our chopsticks to delve in.

In true Chinese tradition, a tea master was present during our lunch with an enchanting performance that complemented this authentic dining experience. Served in a unique way, a long glass is presented with a round bundle of tea inside. The tea master then showcases his masterful movements with a long-nosed brass kettle as he pours the hot water from afar into the glass and the tea blossoms into flowers of chrysanthemum, jasmine and green tea leaves. Originally trained by a master from China, artful kung fu movements are learned through intensive preparation for up to one year before the tea master is permitted to perform live. 

Whether it’s your first Chinese dining adventure or not, Table8 offers more than great cuisine, it gives you a personalized and memorable experience that truly satisfies.

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