Cumi-Tim-dgn-Saus-Cabe-LAU-KAN-MAIf you’re in the mood to share a dim sum feast with friends and family, Feyloon is Bali’s most popular destination for relaxed dining in a festive setting. Located in a convenient, yet less frenetic area of Kuta, Feyloon is easily accessible whether you’re coming from Nusa Dua or Kerobokan. 

Many Feyloon fans admit to flying in to Bali and heading straight to their favourite dim sum eatery, as the easy five-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport makes it an irresistible first stop on the Island of the Gods. Whether you’re in the mood to share a quiet meal for two or to take advantage of the dining room’s 300-person capacity, Feyloon’s authentic Hong Kong cuisine is an unbeatable treat from an everyday lunch to a special milestone celebration. With Hong Kong Master Chef Liu behind the kitchen and elegant crystal chandeliers hanging overhead, the Feyloon experience never fails to impress new and long-time guests with its extensive range of seafood dishes, dim sum and Cantonese BBQ classics.

As the dim sum trolleys cruise by, choose from an exotic range of bite-sized delights including Steamed Shrimp Dumplings, Steamed Bun with Char Siu, Steamed Pork Ribs and Deep Fried Taro Puffs. BBQ aficionados may choose from exciting combinations, featuring two to five of the chef’s specialties. 

Our picks include the Roasted Duck Rice, Marinated Sliced Beef Shank and Crispy Roasted Pork Belly. Don’t forget Feyloon’s many live seafood options for your next special dinner event. 

Immaculately maintained tanks are filled to the brim with the archipelago’s freshest shellfish including red and black lobsters, crabs and prawns. Whether you like it steamed, stir-fried or wok-baked, Feyloon guarantees to satisfy those underwater cravings.


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