Talented Chef: Dewa Gede Oka Suarsana – Executive Sous Chef at Visesa...

Talented Chef: Dewa Gede Oka Suarsana – Executive Sous Chef at Visesa Ubud Resort

Set within the waterfall and bamboo pavilions of Ubud, Visesa Ubud Resort allows guests the opportunity to see what Bali is all about. Capturing the essence of serene village life and unprecedented tranquillity, the property welcomes you to the living culture of the island through its array of spiritual characteristics. The sanctuary focuses on rejuvenation, with suites and pool villas nestled amidst meticulously landscaped surroundings inspired by a Balinese settlement, enveloped by the natural beauty of rice fields.

Dewa Gede Oka Suarsana

Many factors distinguish dining at Visesa Ubud Resort from neighbouring locations. Food sources are carefully selected to prioritise health and a high standard of hygiene throughout the farm-to-table process. Beyond that, the heartfelt service speaks for itself with warmth and smiles all around during the genuine interactions between staff and guests. Respect and kindness, as well as an environment where everyone feels valued and appreciated, are what really set this dining scene apart. 

Heading the kitchen at Visesa Ubud Resort is none other than Dewa Gede Oka Suarsana as executive sous chef. Having travelled far and wide, Chef Dewa has returned to his homeland of Bali to share his expertise with the team. Responsible for everything from menu planning and budget management to quality control, dining at Visesa Ubud Resort would not be the same without him.

E: What is your background, and what brought you to Visesa Ubud Resort, as the executive sous chef?
A: My professional journey encompasses a rich background in hospitality and food and beverage production. The allure of Visesa Ubud Resort captivated me, leading me to assume the role of executive sous chef. I am enthusiastic about leveraging my experience to contribute and share insights with the younger generation, especially those who harbour a deep passion for the F&B department.

E: Describe something new you have brought to dining here at the resort.
A: One innovative addition I’ve introduced at Visesa involves a unique culinary approach. We’ve revamped our food preparation methods, opting for a more traditional approach and presenting the dishes to our guests with a touch of modern plating aesthetics.

E: What is your style of cooking, and what are some of your favourite dishes to prepare?
A: My preferred cooking style involves the art of braising and employing long-term cooking methods. One of my favourite dishes to prepare at Visesa is Bebek Betutu, a dish that perfectly embodies this technique.

E: You have worked in a variety of countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. What is a challenge of working in the Middle East that you don’t experience here in Bali?
A: One notable challenge in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, is the significantly higher volume of guests due to the predominantly urban nature of the hotels. This results in longer working hours, numerous events such as banquets and weddings, and the added complexity of understanding diverse dialects spoken in the region. This dynamic is noticeably different from the environment at Visesa Ubud Resort, where the pace and communication styles offer a distinct contrast.

E: In your opinion, what makes a great chef?
A: A great chef is someone who excels not only in culinary skills but also as a well-balanced manager. They possess the art of crafting flavours, extensive knowledge of cooking methods, effective training abilities, act as a role model and, most importantly, understand the guests’ needs.

E: What advice would you give to young chefs looking to break through in the culinary industry?
A: Pursue something you are truly passionate about, and success will naturally follow. Never cease learning; the most formidable leaders are lifelong students. Embrace opportunities by saying yes – a small word that can lead to significant accomplishments. Make saying it a habit.

Colenak Bandung

E: If you had to choose anywhere else in the world to cook, where would you choose and why?
A: I would choose India. Despite the similar basic ingredients used in Indonesian and Indian spices, the distinct methods of food preparation in India create unique and fascinating results.  


  • Lobster Bakar ala Jimbaran
  • Pork Ribs
  • Colenak Bandung

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