Talented Chef: I Nyoman Artawa – Executive Chef at The Kayon Jungle...

Talented Chef: I Nyoman Artawa – Executive Chef at The Kayon Jungle Resort

Located about 30 minutes away from the centre of Ubud and surrounded by lush greenery, The Kayon Jungle Resort is a harmonious marriage between luxury and nature. Offering a fully immersive experience, this enchanted haven caters exclusively to adults, inviting them to indulge in heritage-inspired hospitality while giving in to the calming embrace of the jungle.

I Nyoman Artawa

The resort offers a plethora of top-notch amenities to entice the senses, in addition to cosy lodging. For Instagram-worthy relaxation, head over to Wanna Jungle Pool with its three levels of infinity pools. If you’re looking to satisfy your taste buds, the resort’s signature Kepitu Restaurant takes your dining pleasure to another level.

Under the guidance of Executive Chef I Nyoman Artawa, who is responsible for overseeing the culinary offerings for both venues, Kepitu Restaurant is a highly acclaimed dining destination on the island, as it skillfully blends the natural beauty with the culinary artistry of its dishes, resulting in an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit this culinary haven.

Located on the brink of a lush valley, guests are treated to sweeping views of the Oos River and the surrounding jungle. With lush canopies and the calming sounds of nature serving as the ideal backdrop for an intimate and immersive dining experience, the restaurant is nothing short of magical.

Open every day from breakfast until late dinner, the menu showcases the perfect balance between classic Indonesian cuisine and international favourites to satisfy all palates. Hearty soup dishes are available, with choices ranging from beef oxtail soup, Soto Ayam or the crowd-pleaser of tom yum goong. When it comes to serving up authentic Balinese cuisine, Chef Artawa’s decades of experience in the kitchen shine through in his signature dishes, which include the crispy Bebek Kayon served with rice, vegetable kalasan and a variety of sambals. The Iga Goreng Sambal Matah, which consists of crispy pork ribs served with rice and your choice of sambal, is recommended for carnivores.

Kepitu Restaurant also hosts a weekly cultural programme to showcase the beauty of Balinese traditions while diners savour their meals, ensuring that every visit leaves a lasting memory. Every night, there is a rotating schedule of traditional dance performances, including Barong Landung, Barong and Kecak dances. Watch in awe as gifted dancers use their expressive gestures to narrate stories from Balinese mythology as the captivating sounds of traditional music play in the background.

E: Where do you get your inspiration for your culinary creations?
A: Whenever I am in the kitchen preparing new recipes, I cannot help but be inspired by my former mentors. I am grateful to have had the privilege of working with some of the brightest minds from around the globe throughout my career, including Australian, Dutch, Malaysian and French chefs who were gracious enough to teach me various cooking techniques. Aside from that, I also read and collect cooking books as a source of inspiration. The philosophy that says every chef has to observe, duplicate and modify is used frequently in the culinary industry. This is very helpful for chefs to be able to adjust to the current trends in an ever-evolving industry.

E: In your own words, please define the culinary concept that you are offering at The Kayon Jungle Resort and its best features.
A: Because we serve a global clientele, Kepitu Restaurant has always pushed to provide the best assortment of Asian fusion cuisine since it opened in 2018. However, the restaurant has changed its menu since last year to feature more delicacies inspired by the region, with a strong emphasis on Balinese food. For example, in 2023, we also introduced a new culinary event by bringing the almost-forgotten Okokan music to diners. This is an authentic Balinese tradition that hails from the Tabanan area. We hope to restore authentic Balinese customs to each and every visitor to our resort with this new strategy.

Bebek Kayon

E: And how about your cooking philosophy?
A: My approach to cooking is very straightforward: cook with love. I want everyone to taste the love in every dish that we create here at the resort. Receiving compliments from guests about their recent meal is a truly pleasant experience. I also always stressed the importance of humility to my team. Saying please and thank you are small gestures that will go a long way in this life.

E: What do you think is the key to being a successful or great chef?
A: Hard work, consistency and an open mind to new ideas.

E: You’ve been through quite a journey as a chef. What future goals do you have that you still want to achieve?
A: My goal is to elevate The Kayon Jungle Resort to a new height. I want this resort to be as well-known as the other global chain hotels.  


  • Bebek Kayon
  • Iga Goreng Sambal Matah
  • Tom Yum Goong

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