Talented Chef: Maurizio Bombini – Chef/Owner at MAURI

Talented Chef: Maurizio Bombini – Chef/Owner at MAURI

Renowned Chef/Owner Maurizio Bombini spearheads MAURI, an esteemed dining establishment nestled in Seminyak, channelling the essence of Puglia within Bali’s confines. Puglia, the southern Italian enclave famed for its whitewashed streets in Ostuni, iconic trulli houses in Alberobello and the grand Baroque piazzas of Lecce, lends its distinct charm to MAURI.

Maurizio Bombini

Beyond its visual allure, Puglia is renowned for its culinary prowess, characterised by the use of locally sourced, fresh produce – embracing seasonal offerings and the richness of olive oil. At MAURI, an unwavering commitment to honouring these ingredients defines the culinary approach, with a preference for homemade components whenever possible.

Situated along one of Bali’s bustling culinary avenues, the restaurant boasts a two-storey architectural marvel adorned with minimalist touches that pay homage to the iconic coastal landscapes of Puglia. A striking two-storey open atrium, a central staircase and an exposed kitchen collectively compose an enchanting dining environment. For an immersive culinary experience, guests can partake in private tastings at the Chef’s Counter, orchestrated by Maurizio himself. The exterior façade mirrors the traditional stucco houses of Ostuni, while a grand skylight reminiscent of Castel del Monte crowns the atrium dining area.

Discerning patrons can indulge in MAURI’s offerings through the Signature Tasting Menu, Discovery Tasting Menu or the à la carte selection. Championing the use of the freshest produce, these menus undergo periodic revisions, promising a showcase of Maurizio’s and his culinary team’s ingenuity. Among the notable creations are the Gamberi Rossi, a symphony of Japanese sweet prawn, pomegranate, almond, burrata, lemon sabayon and Siberian caviar; as well as the Filleto di Manzo, featuring crusted black Angus beef tenderloin, complemented by cauliflowers, porcini cream and Primitivo jus.

E: How would you define MAURI in your own words?
A: MAURI holds a special place in my heart as it embodies my deep connection to my hometown, Puglia, in southern Italy. It’s a tribute to the cherished flavours of traditional dishes from my heritage, which I reinterpret in a contemporary manner. More than just a restaurant, MAURI is like a welcoming home to me, where I enjoy treating guests as dear friends or cherished family members.

E: Looking back to when you first established MAURI, are you still as involved with the restaurant now as you were at first?
A: Yes, absolutely, my hands-on involvement and dedication remain as strong as ever. While the restaurant has evolved and grown, my commitment to its success and the quality of the dining experience has not wavered. I continue to be actively engaged in all aspects of the restaurant’s operations, from overseeing the culinary creations to ensuring the ambience reflects our vision. Staying intimately involved allows me to maintain the high standards and authenticity that define MAURI. It’s a passion that has only deepened over time, and I believe this hands-on approach is crucial. Moreover, I find immense joy in creating and crafting memorable moments with our guests, making each dining experience at MAURI truly special.

E: Running an Italian restaurant in Bali, do you incorporate much of the local values to your creations, or is it purely authentic?
While we strive to maintain authenticity at our Italian restaurant in Bali, my personal primary goal is to recreate the flavours of southern Italy using 80 percent local produce. I aim to rediscover the tastes of my childhood by closely collaborating with local producers. For instance, I worked closely with a cheesemaker to perfect a mozzarella recipe, achieving a taste and texture comparable to that of southern Italy. The same dedication applies to working with local farmers to source the tastiest tomatoes and arugula, a challenging task in tropical climates.

Barbabietola & Mandorle

E: You’ve been manning MAURI for about five years now, how do you keep the ideas and creativity coming?
Over the past five years at MAURI, I aim to maintain a constant flow of ideas and creativity through a dynamic approach. Staying connected to culinary trends, collaborating with my team or outside talented chefs and regularly exploring local and global flavours keep the creative process vibrant. Additionally, seeking inspiration from diverse sources, including customer feedback and the surrounding environment, helps me a lot.

E: In your opinion, what does it take to be a great chef?
To be a great chef, passion for cooking is essential. It’s important to source, value and use ingredients well. A great chef needs to be able to work together as a team and be open to learning from others. Being open-minded and willing to accept feedback helps in constantly getting better at cooking.  


  • Barbabietola & Mandorle
  • Parmigiano Ravioli
  • Costolette D’Agnello Alla Brace

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