Talented Chef: Robert Veenendaal – Executive Chef at BAE by Socieaty

Talented Chef: Robert Veenendaal – Executive Chef at BAE by Socieaty

BAE by Socieaty is conceived as a sanctuary for social interaction, seamlessly blending comfort with an authentic urban allure. It provides a variety of seating options suitable for any mood or occasion. Whether you prefer an intimate conversation at a cosy table, want a front-row view of the mixologist’s craftsmanship at the bar, or plan to gather with a larger group, BAE invites you to explore its diverse drinks menu and the extensive culinary offerings crafted by Executive Chef Robert Veenendaal.

Robert Veenendaal

Within the culinary domain of BAE, a diverse palette of flavours awaits. From BAE Bites and delightful pizzas to Asian culinary masterpieces and an array of tempting desserts, BAE caters to every refined taste. Delve into the menu to savour delights like the aromatic Bebek Matah or the succulent wagyu beef satay.

Featuring a tempting selection of signature cocktails, curated wines, artisanal beers and a thoughtful array of soft beverages, BAE elevates the standard dining experience to a realm of heightened pleasure. The attentive and knowledgeable staff is poised to add an extra layer of sophistication to your culinary journey, ensuring that every moment spent within the embrace of BAE becomes a cherished gastronomic reverie.

E: With over 30 years of experience in various cuisines, how has this diverse background influenced your culinary style and approach at BAE by Socieaty?
A: Having honed my skills across a spectrum of cuisines over the past three decades, I’ve cultivated a deep appreciation for the nuances and subtleties inherent in different culinary cuisines. Each culture has left an indelible mark on my approach to cooking, influencing not just the recipes but also the philosophies that underpin my creations. 

This wealth of experience has enabled me to seamlessly blend elements from different corners of the culinary world at BAE by Socieaty. Our casual dining restaurant thrives on the fusion of Asian and western flavours, presenting a menu that reflects a harmonious marriage of diverse ingredients, cooking techniques and cultural inspirations. It’s not merely about combining disparate elements; it’s about crafting a cohesive and innovative culinary narrative that excites the palate and offers a fresh perspective on familiar and beloved dishes.

E: Your experience includes managing a dining service for over 100 tables. How did you manage to handle the challenge?
Managing dining sevice for over 100 tables demands a delicate equilibrium between delivering high-quality food service and fostering a motivated kitchen team.
I prioritise structed training programmes to ensure my staff is well-versed in our culinary standards and technique. Simultaneously, 
I foster a positive work environment.

E: Working in various roles, from cook to head chef, what experiences have been most influential in shaping your leadership style?
A: Transitioning from cook to head chef has been a dynamic journey. The hands-on learning as a cook instilled a deep appreciation for the intricacies of each kitchen role, fostering a comprehensive understanding of our culinary operations. Previous head chefs have been instrumental, imparting lessons in strategic decision-making, team empowerment and maintaining a keen eye for detail. Their mentorship has been a cornerstone, influencing my approach to leadership at BAE, where I strive to blend the wisdom gained with my own innovative vision for the kitchen.

E: You had the experience of training over 120 kitchen employees. How do you approach training to ensure that your team consistently meets and exceeds food preparation standards?
A: Training over 120 kitchen employees has underscored the importance of a meticulous approach. I emphasise a structured training programme, ensuring a thorough understanding of our food preparation standards. Repetitive training plays a pivotal role, fostering muscle memory and precision in execution. This iterative process not only reinforces the required techniques but also cultivates a culture of continous improvement, empowering our team to consistently meet and exceed the culinary standards set at BAE.

E: How has your experience in Japanese culinary arts influenced your overall cooking philosophy?
A: My background in Japanese cuisine has profoundly shaped my overall cooking  philosophy. The precision and artistry inherent in Japanese culinary arts have instilled a deep respect for ingredients and meticolous technique. Discipline, a cornerstone in Japanese cooking, has become a guiding principle in my approach, emphasising the importance of attention to detail, continous refinement and the pursuit of perfection. This philosophy extend beyond Japanese cuisine, influencing how I craft diverse culinary experience at BAE by Socieaty.

Wagyu Beef Satay

E: Your career has taken you through various locations and cuisines. How do you adapt your culinary creations to suit different preferences, particularly considering your focus on developing menus for the Indonesian palate at BAE by Socieaty?
A: At BAE by Socieaty, where we focus on the Indonesian palate, my personal connection as half-Indonesian provides an authentic understanding of local tastes. This insight allows me to infuse our menus with flavours that resonate with the Indonesian palate, ensuring a harmonious blend of international culinary influences tailored to the preferences of this vibrant and diverse region.  


  • Wagyu Beef Satay
  • Oxtail Soup 
  • Crustacean Crab

Exquisite Taste Volume 42

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