Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise

Taste Paradise


Renowned award-winning restaurant Taste Paradise has found its way to the metropolis of Jakarta, bringing a lavish dining experience of fine Cantonese and contemporary Chinese delicacies. Dubbed Chinese cuisine with a difference, the restaurant also showcases the finest and most innovative dim sums and roast fare. Located in Plaza Indonesia, the warm elaborate interior and opulence of ancient elegance sets off the impeccable service. Taste Paradise in Jakarta exquisitely prepares its culinary creations with a touch of sophistication that truly satisfies.  

From the famous XO Carrot Cake to signature creations of the Classic Shark Fin in Supreme Broth accompanied by a Crispy Spring Roll served in a Japanese Stone Pot, a new benchmark has been set for authentic Chinese cuisine in a new era. Taste Paradise has crafted a luxurious Shark Fin soup using 12 high quality ingredients, such as dried scallops, Mexican clams, old hen and fish maw broth cooked over 12 hours.

Our chopsticks eagerly dived into the irresistible Baked Fillet of Cod with Miso Paste, followed by the manager’s recommendation of  the highly acclaimed Pan Seared Foie Gras with Peking Duck reduction, a fabulous innovation of traditional Cantonese cuisine.

Recognized as a favorite oriental culinary destination, Taste Paradise not only translates the glamour and grandeur of the Chinese Empire in its decorative detail but also in every bite of its delicious cuisine. 

It’s more than just elegant dining, it is a gastronomic experience borrowed from the grandeur of life as a nobleman, albeit with a modern contemporary twist. 


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