The Grand Duck King

The Grand Duck King


 The Grand Duck King

aneka-dimsumThe Duck King Group Restaurant brand was first introduced in 2003 in South Jakarta. With a vast selection of fine Chinese cuisines, a touch of Eastern hospitality and signature interior design concept, it didn’t take long for the brand to evolve into one of the biggest Chinese restaurant chain in Indonesia.

In terms of food choices, The Grand Duck King offers an extensive menu specializing mostly in live and rare seafood products to cater to customers with discerning taste. From its signature Peking Duck offering, to its wide array of dim sum, classic Hainan dishes, fried poultries and rice, as well as its Szechuan selections, The Grand Duck King is a concept that simply showcases an elevated offering on a bigger scale – more generous space, larger seating capacity and a more varied menu.

Retaining authentic selections worthy of The Grand Duck King name, the menu also offers barbecued dishes, porridge, noodles, numerous sweet and sour-based delicacies, and many more.

Designed with a luxuriously minimal philosophy in mind, the interior of The Grand Duck King is primarily in wood highlighted with black, white and various shades of brown. Decorated with a bronze mirror in the entry corridor, light-reflecting pillars and ceiling with horizontal and vertical effects, and various Chinese ornaments on the walls and ceiling, the sleek and shimmering ambience of The Grand Duck King at Grand Indonesia is one of the restaurant’s strong points.

It is fitting that the most popular dish among The Grand Duck King’s extensive food selections is the Peking Duck. The dish was served with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce, and was absolutely succulent, tender and full of taste. As an optional treat, you can have a specially-trained attendant take the crisp and tasty skin off the duck and fold it into delicious Duck Skin Wraps.

The Grand Duck King is part of The Duck King Group, located at Grand Indonesia Mall Jakarta. As The Duck King Group’s premium brand, The Grand Ducking Signature is located at Setiabudi One Building.


Peking Duck, from Beijing with Love

Peking Duck, a favourite signature dish at The Grand Duck King, is one of the oldest dishes throughout the Chinese mainland, with the earliest known record of it dating back to the year 1330. The cooking and presentation of Peking Duck was very different back then, and it was served only for royalty and the Emperor himself. It was only in 1975, using modern cooking tools and ingredients, that Peking Duck could be served without advance notice of 24-hours.

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