Thanksgiving Flies High at Karma Kandara

Thanksgiving Flies High at Karma Kandara

The spectacular clifftop venue welcomes all for an evening of fantastic feasting.

Thanksgiving dinner has never tasted so good, with the upcoming presentation of culinary magic at this year’s holiday buffet at di Mare Restaurant of Karma Kandara. The special occasion sees astonishing Executive Chef Joseph Antonishek take centre stage, dishing out cherished creations that stem from his childhood. The tradition of bringing back fan-favourite recipes to Karma Kandara’s Thanksgiving celebration is just one of the reasons di Mare Restaurant remains a staple of Bali’s southern coast.

Thanksgiving evening promises nothing less than a delectable feast at di Mare Restaurant, with a premium collection of starters, mains, desserts and holiday classics. Begin the special event with a Farine bread service, complemented by housemade cranberry and apple compound butter to prepare the palate for the tantalising experience ahead. Deviled eggs follow shortly after, blended with imported Japanese uni and glistening ikura salmon roe crowning the delicacy in beautifully revealing fashion. Slices of house-cured salmon gravlax, infused with notes of East Indies gin, also offer themselves up to enjoy. Don’t miss out on the duck rillettes, enlivened with autumnal spices and tangy dried cranberries to satisfy seasonal cravings.

Timeless classics, originating from Chef Joseph’s very own family recipes, take to the dishes of discerning diners this Thanksgiving. The holiday would be far from complete without Mama Antonishek’s legendary green bean casserole, crowned with crispy fried onions and her sourdough bread stuffing, fragrant with herbs and broth. Making an appearance is the pièce de résistance, di Mare’s signature roasted turkey, crafted from the finest imported American birds and brined to perfection with a medley of holiday spices. Save some room for dessert, where signature pumpkin pie, paired with a bourbon-infused sabayon, elevates the experience to a whole new level of delight.

The Thanksgiving buffet at di Mare Restaurant promises to take guests on a journey of timeless flavours while giving friends and families the opportunity to bask in authentic island living while doing so. If there’s anything Karma Kandara stands for, it’s the spirit of meaningful moments with loved ones, encapsulated in the festivities of a special holiday.

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